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General Tips and Tricks

  1. Try to get a double Rubik cube special to clear the entire board of blocks.
  2. The block you tap to make a special is where the special ability will be formed.
  3. Tap a special again to cancel its activation.
  4. Clear maps in as few moves as possible with combos to reach a 3 star clear rating for each of the zones.
  5. If you choose to buy currency wait for the deal underneath the coin icon. The only pack worth buying as a grinding tool is the 300 coin + 2 hour unlimited lives pack.
  6. Be careful with failing stages, you lose a life and you only regain one life every thirty minutes.

Getting more coins using Facebook Toy Blast

Coins are hard to come by in this game unless you buy them, but if you are playing on a mobile and you link your game to Facebook, you will get 25 of them for free. Plus, if you don’t like to mess with the time on your device or cheat on games, you will be able to ask your friends for lives. If you don’t have any friends who play the game, find people to add using fan groups or by exchanging info in the comments section of this article or the review pages in the app stores. No personally identifiable info, please, other than that which is required for Facebook adds.


Tips on Special Tiles

The use of special tiles is pretty straightforward, just like in other matching games. If you have two of these tiles next to each other, you can combine them for special effects. Make sure that they go next to each other by where you tap to make combos. The tile that you tap on is the one that will turn into the special piece, so make combos out of tiles that are next to each other.


If you don’t need the special tiles in order to complete the stage, leave them be and they will explode automatically at the end of the stage. This will give you more overall points, and if it’s a close match, sometimes this is what will put you over three stars.

Pay close attention to blocks

You may or may not have noticed this but the game gives you several hints on what your blocks can do. Either shaking and shining a possible combination for you to explode or by showing you a out line of the type of special your blocks will turn into.


When 5 or more blocks of the same color are connecting, their icon will change and then you can convert them into a special ability. This gives you a great advantage to clearing the board quickly.

Combos Specials

Specials have their stand along ability which can be clearing a chunk of blocks from the board, or clearing individual lanes of their blocks. Where they really shine is when you manage to get two or more specials of various types together.


They will start glowing meaning they are linked, when you use one of them, both of the specials will be combined into a powerful block clearing special. Some specials don’t automatically trigger the other special abilities so look out for that.

Pay close attention to the loading screens as it will give you hints of the possible combo specials you can do with each of the special abilities. Some of the better combos in my opinion come from linking up with the Rubik cube looking special ability, they typically reward you with a lot of blocks being cleared out by this ability.

Clearing Stages

Take a look at your objectives menu on the left side and then get a good layout of your blocks. First you’ll want to convert as many blocks as you can into special abilities, then start clearing towards your goal objectives. Save any active special on the right side bar until you get down to your last few moves and you don’t think you will make it, and don’t have the coins to get a few extra moves.

toy-blast-super-comboThe faster you can clear the stages, the more moves you have left over, when you have moves left over the game clears the board with a few of its own special abilities and increases your stage score by a lot.


Coin Currency

The coin currency used in Toy Blast is very restrictive for a free to play, player. I recommend that you hold onto your coins for as long as you can, do not waste them on buying pregame specials or by buying in game stage specials. The only times I recommend using your coins is when you’re really stuck on a level and only when you know it will help you successfully clear the stage.


Besides linking up with Facebook, the only other method to constantly get coins is from the wheel spin. The chances of getting coins are low and the cool down for it is a day. So spin the wheel every time it is up so you can collect special abilities and the +10 coin currency if you’re lucky.

Tips on Special Cubes

By matching up 5 or 6 cubes, you will earn the rotor. These rotors are randomly assigned a direction, either vertical or horizontal, while they are formed. Rotors are able to clear either an entire row or column, depending on the direction of the rotor. For 7 or 8 cube-matches, you’ll be rewarded with the explosive TNT! TNT clears its neighbors in a 3x3 square around it when you clicked on it. The best special cube in Toy Blast is definitely the puzzle cube, which is formed when you match 9 cubes and above together. Puzzle cubes are able to collect every cube of its color when clicked on.


You could even combine 2 or more adjacent special cubes to create a super-duper special cube that will automatically be triggered to unleash its amazing effect! For example, by combining the puzzle cube with the rotor, you’ll turn all the cubes with the same colors as the puzzle cube into rotors! You could also try combining rotor with another rotor instead – you’ll get a super special rotor that clears both row and column!

TNT Blaster:
To make the TNT blaster on toy blast,go on any level then match 7 or 8 blocks then tap on it to make it explode and do some good damage then you can do it TNT+TNT to make it a combo or TNT+rocket+cube for a BIGGER explosion.

Rocket direction

When selecting the square for the missile and you want it to go left/right, you need to pick a square that has the same color to the left or right.

For example, if 6 red boxes are connected Horizontally, left to right, when you make the rocket, it will point the same way, left/right.

Conversely, if 6 red boxes are connected Vertically, top to bottom, when you make the rocket, it will point the same way, top to bottom.

IF THE RED BOXES ARE L SHAPED that seems to be where picking which way the rocket will point by selecting the part of the L that you want. If you select a red box in the horizontal part of the L then the rocket will point horizontal and a vertical box picked will create a vertical rocket.

Disclaimer: there are exceptions to this! Which always annoys. I believe the programmer has coded some boxes to always work a certain way. Most of the time it is not the way I want.


Tips to get More Life

If you are playing this game on a phone or a tablet, you’ll never really run out of lives. All that you have to do if you lose all of your lives, or even one of your lives, is to go to the date and time settings, set them ahead by half an hour for each life that you want to recover, then go back to the game. Your hearts will all be recovered at this point.

After you do that, if you go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, then you will have all of your lives back still, and your device will be back to the normal time. 

Some Level Highlights

Level 654

Clue: pair Rubic Cubes

Need two RC Early, when still have 10 lives or more left to clean up the remaining bubbles. If you can pair two RC a second time, piece of cake.

Level 656

Challenge is to have 60 beach balls appear to pop. If they don't appear , they can't be popped.

A Cube/missile combo early on with many matching colors to the Cube, seals the deal. Once the combo has done its thing, there will be many beach balls and bubbles to score the level requirements while you concentrate on scoring the elephants landing safely on the bottom.

Level 658

Don't bust through caged eggs until you have built tools in top. Build TNT/missile in first row above a cages and it will open all of them and release the eggs. If you are able to release a second TNT/missile across the bottom to melt ice in the way then pair blocks to melt Choctaw otherwise use missiles to eliminate chocolate.

Remember goal is not ice! It is just a nuisance this level. Melt your eggs and pop the bubbles to move on.

If you were able to use the TNT/missile to open all the cages without using many lives, you will have this one!

Level 682

Live a good clean life as a virgin and a lot of luck!

Level 683

Make tools around the outside or a missile in the elephant column for later use when setting elephants free

Some Level Highlights 2

Level 725

Normally I try to pair the TNT with a rocket but in this level used the TNT as soon as it makes sense. So either right away or if another pig can easily be dropped in to range of the TNT then wait until It is dropped in place then blow them piggies up! For some reason this was the only way that I was able to complete this level (compared to waiting for a pair of TNT/rocket).

Level 749

If you can pair a missile with a Rubik's Cube; it's all over but the hog roast!

Level 794

Important: pop bubbles near ice right away, especially bottom ones (under rings)

Started with a TNT, lucky to get rocket next to it, build pair at beginning that cleaned up top/bottom in middle which set up another pair to clean up left/right in middle.

Level 872

Failed many times and finally was successfully when paired RubikCube with TNT, THREE separate times. I did not purposely pair those two, thought the missile would have been the better choice with the RC but turns out I was wrong. So, start building those bombs!

Level 958

Defies my logic but start making pairs at the bottom and work your way up. As soon as possible make Cube/missile pairs. It will take more than one pairing. I found my self stuck with a Cube/TNT pair at first and had to take it. Cube/RC pairs are okay sometimes. The sooner a Cube can be paired the greater the chance of passing this level.

Toy Blast Cheat Codes

  • Enter bZzTmHNHn8 to Receive 25 Coins.
  • Enter 64iJQeoxuH to Receive 140 Coins.
  • Enter rALg5ZhFAf to Receive 300 Coins.
  • Enter j5idJZ4Ln0 to Receive 625 Coins.
  • Enter ckuo5Huk2o to Receive Super Sale.
  • Enter G1pHdJntXv to Receive 1625 Coins.
  • Enter zhghYaWe8Z to Receive 50 Coins.
  • Enter iMjCFhgxky to Receive Special Offer.
  • Enter F6LmIrQJaa to Receive 3500 Coins.

Toy Blast

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