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General Tips 1

1. Practice in the Sandbox Mode

Before you start taking on any one of the mission, you should have your technique down pat -- that means mastering certain tricks to the point where they become second nature to you. You can master these tricks and practice all you want in sandbox mode; we suggest staying in sandbox mode until you have perfected the simple tricks and gotten good enough at some of the more advanced ones.

2. How to Do An Ollie

The Ollie, for those who aren't familiar with skateboarding, is one of the most basic tricks to pull off, but just like in real life, you may need to practice a lot in order to get it right in True Skate. Gain a bit of speed and make a tiny swipe from the end of your board's tail to the bottom of your device's screen. And once you're airborne, you'll have to balance yourself out; do this by swiping the middle of your board ever-so-slightly so that it's more level with the ground.

3.How to Pick Up the Pace

Some of the most impressive skateboarding tricks can be only done if you've got enough speed on your board. To this end, you should make sure your fingers on the edges would work just fine. Swiping near your board is NOT recommended, as that could throw you off, not only figuratively, but also literally.

4. About the Medal System

There are three medals available each mission, with a gold medal meaning you completed a mission with 100 percent accuracy, a silver for accuracy between 85 to 99 percent, and a bronze medal for accuracy between 70 and 84 percent, We would like to take this chance to warn you that being 100 accurate on mission is quite a task to pull off, so don't go for the gold too early- you'll just end up pressing yourself too much.

5. Following the Leader can be Tricky

The Follow the Leader mission, despite sounding very simple, is actually a tricky one. Your performance can suffer due to a couple of things - first, would be straying off the course, which could take its toll on your percentage points. Second would be staying on top of the shadow of the ghost board because if you aren't on top, that too could drop your percentage points. Again, it all boils down to practice when it comes to following the leader.

General Tips 2

6. Climbing Up the Steps

The skate parks in True Skate come with steps, and they wouldn't be there if you wouldn't have a chance at all to use them. When trying to climb up steps, pick up a lot of speed, then flick gently on the screen from the midpoint of your board towards its rear. This would allow you to leap in the air, and make a successful landing on the steps. Just make sure you've balanced your board out before it hits the ground.

7. How to Do a Perfect Rail Slide

Fortunately, this one is easier in the game than it is in actual skateboarding. Gather up enough speed so you can make a good jump, then do an ollie as we had taught you earlier. Once you've leaped into the air, balance your board right away so you can land on the rail in a horizontal angle. You'll then be riding on the rail until it ends, but once again, you should keep your board level before it hits the ground.

8.How to Grind on the Edges

This sound tricky, and it's tricky, but with practice, you'll be able to do this regularly. Make sure your skateboard is in the center of the lip ( as perfectly centered as possible), which means right between the left and the right wheels. Once you've hit the edge of the basin, you'ss be able to ride on it, upon which you can pull off another trick, such as an ollie, or ride on it for as long as you want.

9. Do Not Hesitate to Change the View

Sometimes, it would really be necessary for you to change the view in the game, as that may give you a better idea of what's ahead of you. Tap on the movie icon found on top of your screen, and zoom out all the way if you're having problems seeing what's ahead. But with a smaller view of your character and your skateboard, the downside of zooming out is that you'll have a harder time controlling your points.

10. String Together A Line for More Points and Credits

Collecting True Credits is best done by stringing together a consistent line; that means remaining on your board without stopping or crashing, and doing skateboard tricks until the timer runs out for the line. More tricks and more tricks combos mean more points in the game. You can also keep jumping and performing tricks, then landing back onto the rail if you're riding it; this too could be an easy way to scoring more points.

11. What can you Use True Credits for?

True Credits are the game's main currency, but as stated above, you'll only be able to buy new skate parks with real money. TCs are generally used for buying new decals or colors for your wheels, which won't do anything in terms of gameplay, but would, at the very least, spice up the appearance of your board.

Trick List


  • FS Pop Shove-It
  • Heel Flip
  • Kick Flip
  • Ollie In
  • Pop Shove-It


  • 360 FS Pop Shove-It
  • 360 Pop Shove-It
  • Backside 180
  • Double Heel Flip
  • Double Kick Flip
  • Frontside 180
  • Hard Flip
  • Varial Heel Flip
  • Varial Kick Flip


  • 360 Flip
  • Backside 360
  • Double Hard Flip
  • Inward Heel Flip
  • Nollie
  • Triple Heel Flip
  • Triple Kick Flip
  • Varial Double Heel Flip


  • 360 Double Flip
  • 360 Hard Flip
  • 360 Inward Heel Flip
  • Inward Double Heel Flip
  • Laser Flip
  • Triple Hard Flip
  • Varial Triple Heel Flip
  • Varial Triple Kick Flip


  • 360 Double Hard Flip
  • 360 Inward Double Heel Flip
  • 360 Triple Flip
  • Double Laser Flip
  • Inward Triple Heel Flip


  • 360 Inward Triple Heel Flip
  • 360 Triple Hard Flip
  • Nightmare Flip
  • Quad Flip
  • Triple Laser Flip

Grind List

Easy Grinds:

Lazy Grind

Board Slide

Rail Slide

Medium Grinds:

Nose Slide

Tail Slide

Feeble Grind

5 0 Grind

Hard Grinds:

Suski Grind

Smith Grind

Salad Grind

Crooked Grind

50 50 Grind

Nose Grind

Extreme Grinds:

Losi Grind




Impossible Grinds:


Secret Places

On Top of the Half-Pipe: At the start of a new game (spawn next to True Skate graffiti) you will find the half-pipe on the top-right corner of the skate park.

If you skate up to the top of the first half (via the ramp on the side) and position yourself in front of the wall you will get enough speed to jump over the half-pipe and onto the sort-of plateau.

The trick here is not to ollie, if you do your board automatically slows down and you won't make the jump. Instead, try to gain speed and at the last second try doing a Pop Shove-it or simply push on the tail of the board to make it jump up, but without balancing it mid-air like you would in a regular ollie. Once up there you will have a nice view of the rest of the skate park. 

Above the Electric Shed: At the start of a new game (spawn next to the True Skate graffiti) you will find the electric shed on the top-left corner of the skate park.

If you skate to the pool, and then get yourself on the ground on the left of the pool you will be facing a light-blue cabinet.

Position yourself with enough lead-up ground and gain enough speed to jump up above that cabinet. The same principle as before applies, do not try to ollie up the shed, simply shoot your board in the air and it will get itself high enough to lend above the shed. Once there you will find yourself on a small half-pipe and the board will probably slide down. If you lend nicely enough you can continue straight up and then rest on a small platform where you can read the words "Jump" and "Do it!" and where you have a view of the entire skate-park.

Tips for Mission

How can I get better at the missions?

The missions can be seriously tough to master, particularly at gold level, so take your time in the sandbox mode and stay there until you've at least mastered the basic tricks!

How do I complete the Follow the Leader mission?

You will lose performance for two things in this mission. First of all, if you stray off the course then you're going to start losing percentage points rapidly so keep up. Next you want to be as on top of the ghost board's shadow as you can be. Practice is the only way to master these events.

What makes the difference between a bronze, silver and gold medal for a mission?

To achieve a bronze rating you're going to need a 70% accuracy rating, 85% for silver, and 100% for gold. Don't expect the gold to come easily, as the mission tuning is extremely tough.

Achievement List

1.Skateboard License - 20pts

All tutorials completed

2. Kickflip - 20 pts

Done 10 kickflips in a row

3. Shove it -20 pts

Done 50 pop shove in a row

4. Grinder - 20 pts

Accumulated 100 meters of grinds

5.Long Jump - 20 pts

Done a very long jump

6. Big Score - 20 pts

Scored over 1000 points in one trick

7. Trick Master - 40 pts

Filled the trick book with 30 different tricks

Unlimited Grind Points

On inbound there is a grindable ramp on the far left side, it is near the bowl and the tilted staircase. It is the spawn point there. When you go straight onto the edge of the ramp-like box, you can slide up it until you either pass the lip of the box and you continue onwards or you can slide back down the box. Get your board so that the back left wheel is on the actual box while the rest of the board is grinding. This will allow you to continue to slide up and down the rail indefinitely.

As you are performing a single trick, the timer doesn't start. By positioning your thumb just so, you are able to hold the board on a 50 grind. Once you want to exit the rail, simply ollie off and try not to fall to either side. Note the timer will automatically run down very fast so you will only be able to get in the single grind. But, if done correctly, you can get a score in the millions.

Dark 360 Trick

Go slow to a straight rail and do a dark 50-50. Then do a pop shove-it finger motion while in it to do a dark 360.

Gold follow missions

While doing any mission where you must 'follow the path to the finish' don't follow the path, and just before it hits 0% do a trick ad while in the air tap restart. It will restart but it will also finish, causing it to say you have 100% and thus reward you with the gold medal.

Time Glitch

Step 1: Go into True Skate app, and then swipe out of the app (double click the home button and then swipe out the app), or if you have an iPod minus out of the app.

Step 2: Go into Settings, General, then Time & Date. Switch the date ONLY 1 day ahead. (Example: Sep. 20, 2015 - Sep. 21, 2015).

Step 3: Go back into True Skate, and ta-da! You get more than 80 true credits!

Get your TC back

When you buy something with TC you have to buy it and quickly go back to the game and enter tge menu it should give your TC that you spent back

Secret Passages in First Skate Park

While doing a mission jump 18 times (this May take long) then click the iPhone button twice there should be a red dot click it then go back to the game and it should come up 1200 passages found.

True Skate

This is a guide for True Skate. True Skate is a skateboarding mobile game on Android and iOS platforms. In True Skate, players can do tricks by swiping the screen and earn scores by having tricks combo. The graphics in True Skate are awesome that players can enjoy real-life like skateboarding experience. In this guide, tips and strategies for True Skate are provided. You can also find cheats applicable on iOS platform in this guide for True Skate.

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