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This is a complete guide for Pocket Mortys. Don't miss this guide if you're playing Pocket Mortys!

Abot the game Pocket Mortys:
Pocket Mortys is a Pokémon-style game from Adult Swim Games. If that description makes you think of Rick dimension-hopping while collecting and training other Pocket Mortys in order to make them battle – thus collecting and trading even more Mortys – you’re pretty on the nose. 

Google Opinion Rewards is your friend!

This app (for Android users) will periodically send you short surveys (usually 3 or less questions) that reward you with $ to use in the Google Play store, or for in-app-purchases. This is a very easy way to earn extra Blips & Chitz coupons with very little effort.

That being said...

The game does not require you to purchase the coupons to progress in any way. They will reward you with a few random items, and one random Morty upon use. You'll earn coupons as you progress through the Council fights, but everything you can get from them is obtainable via other means.

ALL instances of item rewards can give you a Blips and Chitz Coupon

Defeating wild Mortys, defeating trainers, picking up the dimension container, even redeeming Blips and Chitz Coupons potentially will reward you with another coupon. Wild Morty defeats will more often than not reward an item AND will be a lower level than the trainer or Rick Mortys in that dimension, so it is in your best interest to take all of them out in each dimension you visit.

Don't neglect Morty Prime (or plain Morty)

As one of the only two "typeless" Mortys in the game, he is neither weak nor trumps others, and can help you out of a jam if you find yourself in a situation where your opponent-trumping Morty(s) are dazed. He (currently) cannot be removed from your party, so it makes total sense to keep him in line with your current progression level.

Check the Morty behind your opponent...

For trainer and Rick battles, the Morty directly behind them will be the first they dispatch to the fight. This will let you know what type of Morty to put in your first party slot, allowing you to begin the fight with an advantage as opposed to potentially missing out on attack. This of course comes with the stipulation that you have played enough to have a recollection of a Morty's type based on their sprite appearance...With only 3 types in the game, this will come naturally the more you play.

This one weird trick will end your regret. Alternate Ricks HATE this

Should you accidently piss off an avoidable trainer, or kill a wild Morty you wanted to capture, exit the app, then force close it, then restart it. This will drop you back into the dimension you were in, before you initiated the battle, giving you a second chance to get things right. This currently works for both Android and iOS versions of the game.

The number of Badges you have earned dictates EVERYTHING

Your accumulated badges affect the level of wild Mortys, your opposing trainer's Mortys, increase the amount of Schmeckles from battles, and (from what I can tell) affect the rate in which the rare Mortys spawn in dimensions. The more badges you have, you will notice that more helpful items are for sale in Rick's shop, and every other badge or so will trigger a quest to spawn in the citadel. It isn't a terrible idea to purposefully die in early dimensions in the effort to build up your team's levels, to give you a constant edge as you progress through the storyline.

When all of your Mortys are dazed, the only thing you lose out on is whatever you missed in that Dimension

Losing and being returned to the healing station, unlike the games that inspired this one, will not incur a penalty to the play whatsoever, aside from ejecting you from that dimension. Since everything is randomized, you'll be able to find anything you missed in another dimension.

You can also use this method for faster leveling

It is possible to farm large amounts of experience from the Council fights, as the opponent's Mortys give large amounts of EXP, even if you can only manage to defeat a few of them at a time. Losing the council fight will force you to replay the entire encounter, so it may be advantageous to purposefully lose and replay them for the experience.

Combining tier 2 Mortys is the quickest way to earn a higher level third-tier Morty

Combining tier 2 Mortys is the quickest way to earn a hig

If you find yourself in a dimension where two or more Tier 2 of the same kind of Morty (IE Two Cat Morty) it is extremely advantageous to capture both off them, then combine them at the Day Care afterwards. While this math may not be 100% accurate, it's pretty damned close. Combining two Mortys of the same type will result in the next tier Morty for that evolution chain, whose level will be the two source Mortys added together, reduced by half of their average level. In this case, if the two Two Cat Mortys are both level 50, the result will be Crazy Cat Morty whose level is 75.her level third-tier Morty

Save your Meeseeks Boxes for Council fights

By far, the most difficult trainers you will face (at the time) are the Council fights. The Meeseeks boxes cannot be crafted, and can only be obtained through drops from the various other sources.

Gather badges the smart way

When entering a dimension in which you intend to defeat the Rick, and earn a badge, find and defeat him first when possible. Once he's out of the way, use the rest of your team's stamina defeating the other wild Mortys, and as many of the dimensions trainers that you can. This will max out your possible earned EXP, and give you the edge when you get to the next (and slightly harder) dimension. No matter how you exit the dimension after defeating it's Rick, the badge is yours.

Egg Morty is your Lord & Savior...Sort of

Early on in the quests given to you (the fourth in my experience) will reward you with Egg Morty. This is the only "uncatchable" Morty in the game, and has but one ability, Harden. Needless to say, he cannot level up on his own. Save your early Level Up Mega Seeds for him, and if you need the extra boost, utilize your Meeseeks boxes during a Council fight to give him heaps of easy EXP. At level 20, he will evolve into The One True Morty, and he gains the Ascend ability, which is neutral but VERY strong. At 42, he gets the Golden Touch ability, a Rock type ability. By far, his stat progression is the best in the game, and is the very best of the Rock type Mortys. That being said... After learning Golden Touch, he doesn't learn any other any other abilities. While he has lovely stat bonuses with each level gained, the fact that you can use the seeds to increase the stats for any Morty, this ultimately makes him less useful than other Rock-type Mortys, whom learn multiple Rock-type attacks. It is worth noting, Egg Morty will only evolve after using a Level Up Mega Seed on him.

Whenever possible, craft the complex materials needed for other inventions

You can only hold 10 of each type of item at a time, so do your best to keep everything at 9 items or less, to prevent you from capping and potentially blocking yourself off from a path that will allow you to bypass a trainer when exploring. When you have an abundance of the complex materials, use them to craft the highest-tier items, even if you don't have the quest that wants it, to be prepared for when the quest is given to you.

Explore each dimension ENTIRELY before leaving

At the very least, collect the dimension container before you leave, as it has free schmeckles. Each dimension has a chance for a rare Morty spawn, and as you progress, combining Mortys you already have at the current maximum level will reward you with a slightly overpowered Morty which will be very helpful as you move on.

Don't stress about collecting low-tier, or even ALL Morty's until "endgame"

Each dimension is completely random, and even when you have MANY badges, first tier Mortys still have a chance to appear. Once you complete the storyline and recover your Portal Gun, you'll be able to instantly exit the dimension at will. This is helpful when looking for Mortys you haven't already caught.

Only ONE rare Morty will spawn in any given dimension

Mortys #68 through #80 do not have and evolution, and offer the best stat progression when leveling up, the higher their Morty # is in the deck. Should you find one of these in a dimension, it is 100% safe to assume another in that number range will not be present. This is helpful when looking for a specific Morty while you're trying to complete your Morty Deck. Should you see one of these whilst farming for a high-end Morty you have yet to capture, you can safely exit and enter another dimension in search of what you are seeking.

Even at the level cap (100) you can increase your Morty's stats

After level 100, you can still use the stat mega seeds to increase each stat, thus rendering each Morty potentially unbeatable under any circumstances.

Rick and morty

This app is Pocket Mortys Guide. Rick and Morty. Guide. Don't miss this guide if you're playing Pocket Mortys or fans of Rick and Morty! Having trouble with those Pocket Mortys broh? Don't even trip dawg we got you covered! Yeah, it's time to get in-depth on how to prevail in "Pocket Mortys" with this tips guide

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