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Iron Man maneuvers through the air in two primary ways: Hover and Flight. Using the LT fully will cause Iron Man to rise from the ground and continue to rise. Pressing the same button partially (1/2 way down) will allow him to hover at a constant altitude. While hovering, Iron Man can move (left stick), attack, and/or quickly convert to flight.

Flying is accomplished by holding the LB button down. This type of aerial movement is considerably quicker than hover. While in flight direction is controlled with the left stick (movement) and the right stick (camera). Pressing the A button will increase the speed at which Iron Man flies. In flight, Iron Man still has the ability to attack enemies and objectives.


The Iron Man suit was designed for combat. The simplest form of attack is melee. Pressing B causes Iron Man to punch any nearby enemy. Holding the same button will cause a grapple action to take place and usually result in an instant kill.

Iron Man is not simply a bruising puncher, he also has a few toys that can come in handy during battle. Pressing the RT will lead to an attack using Iron Man's repulsors. This attack can be used as long as the power meter is not depleted. The Y button fires Iron Man's auxiliary weapon, usually some sort of missile/bomb type attack. The auxiliary weapon takes a certain time to reload so it can not be constantly used like the repulsors. The Unibeam is unleashed by pressing RB. The longer RB is held the more powerful the blast but the more energy it drains as well.

Power Distribution

The Iron Man suit can have its power rerouted to add additional power to a particular system that is required at a particular time. The systems are Life Support (D-pad Up), Melee, (D-pad Right), Weapons (D-pad down), and Thrusters (D-pad Left). If you find yourself dying too quickly press up to regenerate health quicker. Want to do more damage? Pack an extra powerful punch by diverting the suit's power to Melee attacks. Rerouting power to the weapons system allows Iron Man to use his fire power more efficiently. During a mission when the flight is the main component pressing left on the D-pad will cause the afterburners to use less power. Depending on the situation or your personal style The suit can be customized to your preference.

General Tips

-Do not forget the ability to reroute power to increase the effectiveness of

 one of the Iron Man suit's systems (Life, Weapons, etc.)

-When attacking most of the bosses use cover to heal. Peaking around building corners or

objects for attacks will greatly increase your chance of survival.

-Upgrade your suit.

-A head to head fight is not always in Iron Man's best interests. Sometimes it

 is wise to fight at a distance.

Iron Man Suits

Mark III

Designed for customization, the Mark III armor can be equipped with a variety

of enhancements.


     Armor  3   

     Repulors 3 

     Power Systems 3 

     Auxilary Weapons 3

     Mobility 3


Iron Man's first iconic armor debuted in Tales of Suspense #48 and underwent

several subtle cosmetic changes before finalizing its look in Tales of Suspense

#66. It was the first suit to feature the trademark palm-mounted repulsor rays.

     Armor 4     

     Repulors 5  

     Power Systems 2

     Auxilary Weapons 2

     Mobility 2


Used during major events such as Civil War, and appearing during the "Extremis"

the story arc, this armor represents Iron Man's modern look. In this suit, he has achieved new levels of power.

     Armor 3    

     Repulors 3  

     Power Systems 2

     Auxilary Weapons 3

     Mobility  4

Mark II Armor

Tony constructed the Mark II with an emphasis on exploring flight potential. As

the first suit of Iron Man armor built at Stark Industries, the Mark II armor

was soon replaced by the Mark III.

     Armor 2    

     Repulors 2   

     Power Systems 4 

     Auxilary Weapons 2 

     Mobility 5


The name says it all. This, the first version of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, 

appeared in Iron Man #304, and greatly boosted the hero's strength and

durability, enabling him to fight the Hulk one on one

     Armor 5     

     Repulors 4  

     Power Systems 2 

     Auxilary Weapons 3

     Mobility 1

Silver Centurion

Sporting new colors, Tony used this suit during his fight with Iron Monger, his

days as a West Coast Avenger, and in the first "Armor Wars" storyline.

     Armor 2     

     Repulors 4  

     Power Systems 3

     Auxiliary Weapons 4

     Mobility 2

Classic Mark I

This first-ever Iron Man suit was built during the character's initial appearance in Tales of Suspense #39, and this design originates from the interpretation from Iron Man Vol. 4 #5.    

     Armor 4    

     Repulors 4  

     Power Systems 2 

     Auxilary Weapons 4

     Mobility 1


Core Systems

Upgrade 1 Costs $77m unlocks Improved Mark III and Striker Systems

Upgrade 2 costs $117m


Mark III

The Mark III system offers remarkable durability without compromising mobility.

This armor was constructed as a flexible foundation form which further 

improvements can be made.

     Penetration Resistance 1

     Blast Resistance 1

     Melee 1

Improved Mark III System

Enhanced structural integrity and the addition of anti-missile countermeasures

are noteworthy additions to the Improved Mark III System

     Penetration Resistance 3

     Blast Resistance 1

     Melee 2

     Countermeasure - Chaff Missile Defense

Striker System

Using composites and layered superconductors, the Striker System is capable of

rerouting power to an energy-based shielding system.

     Penetration Resistance 2

     Blast Resistance 2

     Melee 2

     Countermeasure - Energy Shield 

Advanced Mark III System

Agile, lethal, and with significantly improved defenses, this is the most advanced version of the Mark III System available.

      Penetration resistance 4

      Blast resistance 2

      Melee 4

      Countermeasure Chaff Missile Defense

Advanced Striker System

The Advanced Striker System offers increased durability and is capable of 

rerouting significantly more energy to shielding systems than previous 

incarnations of the Striker System.

      Penetration resistance 3

      Blast resistance 3

      Melee 4

      Countermeasure Energy Shield

Specter System

The Specter System sacrifices energy to enable optical displacement 

countermeasures, severely disrupting hostile projectile accuracy.

      Penetration resistance 2

      Blast resistance 4

      Melee 4

      Countermeasure Stealth


Upgrade 1 costs $93m and unlocks Ion Repulsor, Meson Repulsor, and Gatling 

Upgrade 2 costs $134m

Core Repulsor

The Repulsor is a fast, accurate weapon that is equally effective  against all


     Damage 1

     Rate of Fire 2

     Blast Radius 1

     Precision 1

Ion Repulsor

Ion Repulsors deliver more damage than standard Repulsors, increasing Iron 

Man's threat potential while maintaining a consistent rate of fire.

     Damage 2

     Rate of Fire 2

     Blast Radius 2

     Precision 2

Meson Repulsor

Meson Repulsors offer significantly improved firepower at a slower rate of fire

than standard Repulsors. This Repulsor is ideal for engaging small groups of

armored targets

     Damage 3

     Rate of Fire 2

     Blast Radius 3

     Precision 1                             


Gatling Repulsor

The Gatling Repulsor system is an extremely rapid firing light impact weapon.

It is ideal for taking on lightly armored targets.


     Damage 1

     Rate of Fire 3

     Blast Radius 1

     Precision 3

Advanced Ion Repulsor

The Advanced Ion Repulsor system enables a steady flow of accurate, high-damage


     Damage 3

     Rate of Fire 2 

     Blast Radius 3

     Precision 3

Meson Cannon Repulsor

The Meson Cannon Repulsor is the heaviest portable Repulsor system available.

It is capable of punching through hard targets but has a slow rate of fire.

     Damage 4

     Rate of Fire 1 

     Blast Radius 4

     Precision 2

Multi-Phase Gatling Repulsor

Combining the firepower of the Ion Repulsor system with an increased rate of

fire, the Multi-phase Gatling Repulsor can quickly deliver damage to numerous 


     Damage 2

     Rate of Fire 4 

     Blast Radius 1

     Precision 4

Power Systems

Upgrade 1 costs $78m

Upgrade 2 costs $121m


Primary Power

This system allows the vast output from a compact and stable source. It requires

upgrades to meet the power demands of other augmented systems.


     Capacity 1

     Efficiency 1

     Unibeam Power 1


Micro Fusion Power

The Micro Fusion power system offers improved and highly efficient power 

output. The additional power yield is also evident in the damage potential of

the Unibeam

     Capacity 2

     Efficiency 2

     Unibeam Power 2

     Special Rapid Unibeam

Converter Augmented

The Converter Augmented power system can covert incoming attacks into usable

energy. Energy converters provide additional power under fire but do not mitigate damage.

     Capacity 2

     Efficiency 2

     Unibeam Power 2

     Special Damage to Energy


Plasma Core

The Plasma Core outputs energy more efficiently than any other power plant.

     Capacity 4

     Efficiency 4

     Unibeam Power 4

     Special Rapid Unibeam

Hec Augmented

The High-Efficiency Conversion power system offers improved efficiency, more

power output, and an advanced collection system to convert incoming attacks

into usable energy.

     Capacity 4

     Efficiency 4

     Unibeam Power 4

     Special Damage to Energy 

Auxiliary Weapons

Upgrade 1 costs $82m

Upgrade 2 costs $125m


The Micro-Grenade dispersal system fires numerous unguided explosives with

remarkable accuracy. Grenade systems are ideal for large targets or groups of

ground based units

     Damage 2

     Rate of fire 2

     Precision 2

     Special Unguided Grenades

Aegaeon Micro-Grenades

The Aegaeon Micro-Grenade system is similar to the standard Micro-Grenade 

Dispersal System but yields a larger and more potent grenade payload.

     Damage 3

     Rate of fire 3

     Precision 2

     Special Unguided Grenades

Vespid Missiles

Vespid Missiles are fired in volleys of three guided missiles which converge

on a single target. Vespid Missiles are ideal for use against fast moving air


     Damage 2

     Rate of fire 2

     Precision 4

     Special Guided Missiles

Gyges Micro-Grenades

Advanced Vespid Missiles

Mobility Enhancements

Upgrade 1 costs $70m

Upgrade 2 costs $103m

Core Thrusters

The Core Thruster system allows for high-speed flight, maneuverability and

stable hovering. These thrusters serve as a platform for further advances in

speed efficiency and maneuverability.

     Top Speed 1

     Flight Agility 1

     Dodge Speed 1

     Ram 1

Advanced Core Thrusters

Faster than standard thrusters Advanced Core Thrusters are primarily designed

for balanced performance

     Top Speed 2

     Flight Agility 2

     Dodge Speed 2

     Ram 2

Pulse Thrusters

Pulse Thrusters are focused entirely on speed, at the expense of efficiency and



     Top Speed 3

     Flight Agility 1

     Dodge Speed 1

     Ram 3

Agility Thrusters

Agility Thrusters greatly improve maneuverability with only moderate sacrifices

to speed and efficiency.

     Top Speed 1

     Flight Agility 3

     Dodge Speed 3

     Ram 1

Requo Thrusters

Requo Thrusters are tuned for the most efficient and balanced transfer of 

power to speed. They offer good performance without excessive energy 


     Top Speed 3

     Flight Agility 3

     Dodge Speed 3

     Ram 3

Celeritas Thrusters

Celeritas Thrusters are the fastest thruster system available. The incredible

speed offered by this thruster system comes with a reduction in agility.

     Top Speed 4

     Flight Agility 2

     Dodge Speed 2

     Ram 4

Agilitas Thrusters

The Agilitas Thruster system was built for maximum maneuverability at moderate

speeds. These thrusters excelled at rapidly changing direction and speed.

     Top Speed 2

     Flight Agility 4

     Dodge Speed 4

     Ram 2

Achievement Guide 1

1. Sidekick (75 Points)

Complete all missions on Easy difficulty (or harder)

Beat the campaign on the Easy difficulty. The Achievements in this game ARE 

stackable so if you beat the game on Hard or Formidable, you will get this

Achievement along with the others.


2. Hero (75 Points)

Complete all missions on Normal difficulty (or harder)

Beat the campaign on the Normal difficulty. The Achievements in this game ARE 

stackable so if you beat the game on Formidable, you will get this

Achievement along with the others.


3. Super Hero (75 Points)

Complete all missions on Formidable difficulty

Beat the campaign on the Formidable difficulty. The Achievements in this game

ARE stackable so if you beat the game on this difficulty, you will get this

Achievement and the above two.


4. Disarmed (25 Points)

Destroy stockpiled Stark weapons in the Escape mission

This Achievement will unlock naturally as you complete this objective in the

first mission of the game.


5. City Protector (25 Points)

Destroy drones without civilian damage in the First Flight mission

When the Stark Helicopter starts to attack you in the First Flight mission, pay

attention to the drones it deploys. If you see a car explode, no Achievement.

You MUST make sure that the drones don't blow anything up at all costs.


6. Decommissioner (25 Points)

Destroy all Prometheus missiles in the Maggia Compound mission

Before proceeding to your Primary Objective, go after these three missiles. You

will know when you're about to fail the Achievement when Jarvis says something

about the missiles launching.


7. In The Drink (25 Points)

Avoid civilian casualties in the Flying Fortress mission 

All you have to do is destroy the fly thingy before the timer hits 0. Not that

hard but I would do this on Easy because this is one tough mission. If done

right, the flyer thingy will crash in the ocean and you will get an Achievement

out of it!


8. Tatyana, Interrupted (25 Points)

Protect the nuclear facility in the Arctic Battle mission

Make sure that Tatyana (the BIG gun) doesn't blow up the nuclear facility. When

Tatyana is about to fire, devices will raise out of some domed buildings that

you can shoot at to shut down the forcefield protecting Tatyana. The domed 

buildings can be found very close to Tatyana. If you kill Tatyana and the

nuclear facility is still intact, Achievement success!


9. Not a Scratch (25 Points)

Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew in the Lost Destroyer mission

Make sure not to destroy a turret or anything that is attached onto the ship.

Only focus on the drone towards the center of the ship and you should be fine.


10. Power Saver (25 Points)

Avoid disrupting the city's power supply in the On Defense mission

There is a strategy here. Make sure Titanium Man doesn't use all four power 

stations to replenish his health. Also, do NOT destroy any of the four power

supplies or you will also lose the Hero Objective and Achievement. Just make

sure to kill Titanium Man quick and watch your fire.

Achievement Guide 2

11. Shocking! (25 Points)

Protect outlying occupied buildings in the Save Pepper mission  


This is one frustrating Achievement. Besides saving Pepper Potts, you ALSO need

to save these buildings. In simple terms, make sure that the dropships do not destroy

the buildings in the town. A good way to do this is to fly through a 

ring (to partially shield the reactor) and check on the buildings. When Jarvis

says something about it being "stabilized", you need to go through another

ring. However, when the missiles come to destroy the reactor, the rings do not

help at all. Destroy all these, go through another ring, and focus on the buildings

again. Soon the mission will be over and you will get the



12. Proton Shut Out (25 Points)

Prevent cannon attacks on civilian targets in the Island Meltdown mission

When you have destroyed all four couplings, Horgan will introduce his big gun.

This gun is invincible to all forms of Iron Man's attacks. However, stupid man

was not thinking and actually made his wrist gun strong enough to harm his own

creation. When Horgan starts charging his wrist gun, get ready to move. When he

shoots, dodge behind the AIM weapon (big gun in the middle of the level) and it should

take damage. Repeat until the AIM is dead. But, do this fast because the gun

will eventually start to shoot civilians.


13. Escape Velocity (25 Points)

Sever the tether before the satellite overloads in the Space Tether mission

This one I unlocked without trying. My advice is to beat this mission before

the four-minute timer reaches zero. Shouldn't be too hard.


14. You're Fired! (25 Points)

Destroy power regulators in the Iron Monger mission

This is a must-do objective and has to be finished in order to beat this

mission. There are four power regulators in all to destroy. Once the fourth is

destroyed, a cut-scene will kick in and you will have the Achievement.


15. Excelsior! (70 Points)

Complete Hero Objectives for all missions

There is one Hero Objective for every mission in Iron Man. If you want to know

how to get one, look around my Achievement Guide. There are actually

Achievements for doing Hero Objectives.


16. Ten Rings Obsoleted (25 Points)

Complete the One Man Army vs. Ten Rings challenge without an armor breach

You can either focus all power on your health or on your weapons. If your

health starts to get low, hide! If you die you HAVE to start over. If you have

finished the Challenge without dying, you've done it right.

NOTE: Each challenge will get tougher as you go. The Maggia is the easiest, and

the AIM-X is the toughest.


17. Maggia Obsoleted (25 Points)

Complete the One Man Army vs. Maggia challenge without an armor breach

See "Ten Rings Obsoleted". 


18. Mercs Obsoleted (25 Points)

Complete the One Man Army vs. Mercs challenge without an armor breach

See "Ten Rings Obsoleted". 


19. AIM Obsoleted (25 Points)

Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM challenge without an armor breach

See "Ten Rings Obsoleted".


20. AIM-X Obsoleted (25 Points)

Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM-X challenge without an armor breach

See "Ten Rings Obsoleted".

Achievement Guide 3

21. Air Superiority (15 Points)

Destroy all dropships before the Stark Gunship is stolen in the First Flight


Simply be quick. Be very aware of your environment and be sure you know what you're doing. I would focus all your power on your weapons so you can kill the dropships quicker.


22. Road King (15 Points)

Destroy all convoy vehicles in less than 2 minutes in the Stark Weapons mission

Concentrate all your units power to your Thrusters. Quickness is the key here. 

The convoys should be marked on your hud and your radar as orange targets. Fly

to each one and destroy it quickly. Just ignore all other enemies as they will

slow you down.


23. Launch Aborted (15 Points)

Destroy all Prometheus missiles within 10 minutes in the Maggia Compound


Just be quick; 10 minutes is a lot of time for what you need to do. Jarvis

should tell you about the missiles so just be sure to destroy them as quick as

you can.


24. Collateral Damage (15 Points)

Destroy a Prometheus missile by destroying a fuel truck in the Maggia Compound


This can easily be done at the very beginning of the level. As soon as it

loads, hit your afterburners and fly slightly towards the right. You should

come across the first missile. Look for a fuel truck very near the missile silo.
Shoot it quickly! If you wait, it will drive off and it's explosion will

not destroy the missile. Shoot the fuel truck as soon as you find it.


25. Personnel Vendetta (15 Points)

Defeat 20 soldiers in the Arctic Battle mission

During this mission concentrate on killing 20 soldiers before moving on to any

major objectives. As long as you have killed 20 INFANTRY troops, you're good.


26. Overkill (15 Points)

Defeat a soldier using the Unibeam

Probably the easiest Achievement in Iron Man. You can do this on the First 

Flight mission. After the tutorial, there will be an invasion. Look for a

ground troop, charge up your Unibeam, and shoot him. Achievement unlocked!


27. Smack Down (15 Points)

Defeat Titanium Man before his second recharge in the On Defense mission

Concentrate all your suit's power on Repulsors. Constantly attack Titanium Man

and do not stop. When he goes to his first recharge, wait right next to him 

while he recharges some of his health. When he is done, blow the heck out of

him. Just make sure he is does NOT recharge at the second recharge station by 

killing him.


28. Impenetrable (15 Points)

Complete a mission (other than Escape or First Flight) without an armor breach

Do this on Easy as that is the simplest. I would play the mission "Stark

Weapons". When the time comes that you fight the BIG tank thing (I think it's

called the Dreadnought?), take cover behind a rock and shoot your Unibeam and

rockets at it. If you're health goes low, do not engage it because it could

easily kill you.


29. An Object in Motion (15 Points)

Destroy any target using a ramming attack

Find a, say, helicopter. Use your afterburners and fly straight into the heli. 

It should die but if it doesn't, try again. 


30. Grounded (15 Points)

Successfully grapple and throw a plane

Let a jet/plane fly towards you. Hold B as it approaches you. If done right, 

Iron Man should grab onto the back of the plane. Aim it towards the ground and

let go. Achievement unlocked!

Achievement Guide 4

31. Your Own Medicine (15 Points)

Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a SAM launcher

A SAM launcher is a ground launcher that shoots missiles. Go near one, hold B

when you approach it, and Iron Man should grab hold of it. Aim it near another

enemy and push RT. The second the missile kills the enemy, you'll get the 

Achievement. These can be found in the Stark Weapons and Maggia Compound


NOTE: After shooting a limited amount of missiles, the SAM launcher will


32. Long Shot (15 Points)

Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a howitzer

Exact same method as the "Your Own Medicine" Achievement except this is with a

Howitzer. A howitzer looks like a tank but instead, it shoots shells up into the

air which come back down. These can be found in the Maggia Compound mission.


33. Hulk Smash! (15 Points)

Successfully grapple an opponent in the Hulkbuster armor

When you unlock the Hulkbuster armor, play in it in the Stark Weapons mission.

When you find an infantry troop, go up to him (carefully) and hold B. That's

all there is to it.


34. Ground Pound (15 Points)

Defeat and opponent using the ground pound in the Extremis armor

When you unlock the Extremis armor, play in it in the Stark Weapons mission.

When you find an infantry troop, fly up high, then land with a thud. The enemy

will go flying and you will have gotten the requirement for this Achievement!


35. Classic Confrontation (15 Points)

Defeat Titanium Man using the Classic armor

Once you unlock the Classic Armor, replay the mission where you fight Titanium

Man. Not difficult one bit...


36. Old School (15 Points)

Defeat Iron Monger using the Silver Centurion armor

Once you unlock the Silver Centurion Armor, replay the mission where you fight

Iron Monger. 


37. Pugilist (15 Points)

Complete any mission (other than Escape) without using weapons systems

Try and get this on the Stark Weapons mission. It could take some time but this

is probably the easiest level to do this on.


38. Eject! (25 Points)

Spare the US fighter pilots in the Stark Weapons mission

Grapple them. Yeah, this is frustrating as the US pilots are not idiots and do

not fly too close to you. When you see one come close, hold B and fly towards it.
Do this for all of the fighters.


39. Guardian (25 Points)

Protect warehouse workers in the Maggia Factories mission

OK, now this one was glitched up for me. Even though like 3 factories were destroyed, I still got the Achievement. My advice is to just kill all the tanks
and helicopters as fast as possible. Jarvis will alert you so you're not completely alone.

Easy Missions Completion

Easy "AIM-X" mission completion

This is a very challenging mission, with anti-air defenses everywhere. Immediately go for the couplings. Take as little time as possible on defensive units. If you take your time destroying them and go on to other couplings, the couplings will be repaired and defenses will be reinforced. Immediately after their destruction, go to the center and destroy defenses. Hide under the platform to recharge your armor. Once the defenses are substantially diminished, go to the top and strafe Horgan, keeping the cannon below and in front of you. When he charges his attack, drop behind the cannon. He will hit it and damage it. After a few times of doing this, not only will you defeat Horgan but also get the hero objective of destroying the cannon.

Easy "Flying Fortress" mission completion

Go to the fortress' jamming device. Next to it is a door mounted to the bottom of the fortress. Fly up inside, and destroy the four boxes that will take down the shields of the cannons. Fly back down. Go around, and fly to the highest point. Take out the cannons with your missiles. Jarvis will tell you to go inside. Tap into the computer, and come back out. Destroy the four engines, then destroy the top of the craft. Go back inside to another door. Open the big loading bay door, and fly inside. There may be a few mines dropped on the city below. Destroy the mine, and go back into the loading bay doors. Destroy the big blue cannon to go inside. Straddle between the two orange power engines to complete the level.

Easy One Man Army missions

In One Man Army missions, destroy as many air units as possible quickly, especially jets as they are too fast to chase and difficult to shoot down. This is especially true in Arctic Battle and the One Man Army Mission 3 (vs. Mercs), as the jets are difficult and required to complete the mission. Take them out as they fly off the runway to defeat them effectively.

Iron Man

This is a guide for Iron Man XBox 360 version. Ironman is a game mode that, when enabled, will allow you to earn CKII achievements. If the game difficulty was set on easy, it will default to normal. In this Iron Man strategy guide, you'll find essential tips on how to turn a billion dollars into pure justice. We'll help you beat every Mission in the game without breaking a sweat and stinking up your armor.

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