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There are tons of interesting elements players can explore in Rope Hero Vice Town, besides a large number of locations for them to check out. This Android game has great settings in place. These settings allow players to see how dense the traffic is, the distance at which they can see, and even adjust the quality of the game! To improve your chances in this game and to make your experience of playing this game a lot better, we have some tips lined up for you.

Get Used to Controls

If you want to make it big in this game then you need to get used to the controls. When you get accustomed to game’s controls, you can walk around smoothly. Else, you will end up having to stop and start every now and then. I personally found it easier to move the sticks to the right and left. The sticks as such are finicky and may force your camera to go out of control when moved too much.

Enjoy the Gameplay

To get the most out of this game you need to start enjoying the campaign. I can suggest you play through this game. When you play the game in entirety, you will know its intricacies. For example, you will come to know why the hero became a Rope Man and so on. There is a hidden story in Rope Hero Vice Town that you should not miss out on. If you don’t enjoy the gameplay, then you will end up wreaking havoc and go rogue on townspeople.

Involve friends

Involving friends or relatives is another tip I can give you to make the most out of this game. As such the gameplay isn’t the greatest you will find on the marketplace. Therefore, the best way is to involve friends and have laughter as you play through this Android game. If involving friends is difficult, consider recording your reactions as you play through this game. You may have a laugh at yourself when you see those reactions later on. Remember, there are plenty of hilarious situations you will come across in this game. So do not miss out on them. The gameplay may not offer you much in terms of variety, but you can still make the most out of this game.

Spec your character

Rope Hero Vice Town mobile game

The final tip I can give you in playing through Rope Hero Vice Town is to spec your character. Yes, you heard me right! There is an option in this game that lets you allot points to your characters as you wish. For example, you can consider giving out points for damage or health or something else. As the allocation is entirely up to you, you can add to the fun part of this mobile game. As you continue playing this game, you will notice that the stats you added makes a lot of difference.

How to Get a Tank

Get to the top of this building.

Get on to the helicopter.

Land on the military base.

Be aware of the soldiers and not to be shot. 

Get on the tank. That's all.

Mission: Corrupted Corps Staring

Find the cop and get the mission

Get to the point following the arrow.

Kick off these 3 soldiers.

Escape with the helicopter nearby and report to the cop.

Then get on the helicopter and follow the arrows, report to Deputy Chief.

Report to the cop and end this mission.

How to get a Cervo Car for Vasko

Get on the helicopter first.

Get to this place.

Shoot the guards near the limo before landing.

Talk with Vakso and get the mission.

Get on the Limo or steal any car you like on the road.

Drive on the road and when you meet a Cervo car, stop it.

Drag the driver out of the Cervo and get on it.

Drive the Cervo back to Vakso and report to him.

Then you gain $2000 and Mafia Respect.

Rope Hero

For Rope Hero. This app contains tips for Rope Hero: Vice Town. This app contains tip and tricks for: Spec your character How to Get a Tank Mission: Corrupted Corps Staring How to get a Cervo Car for Vasko Rope Hero: Vice Town is a mobile game where you are free to explore the crime city which is full of gangs and aggressive fractions.

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