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General Overview

Before we head into the real meat of our Battle Royale guide, it's probably worth providing an overview of how the game actually works, and what its win-conditions are. If this is all a bit old-hat to you - and you're just after our main guide, skip to the next section. If you want to know what all the fuss is about though, here's the lowdown:

  • Battle Royale is a new game mode built on the core foundations of Fortnite, a co-op survival sandbox game from Epic.
  • It is being provided as a standalone, free to play game. Anyone who purchased the game in its original, pre-release form will be refunded.
  • Although it's entirely free to play, you can also choose to purchase premium editions of the game which grant you exclusive cosmetic items, EXP boosters and the like.
  • Battle Royale 100 players into a single map, and the challenge is to survive long enough to emerge as the last-man-standing.
  • You can play solo, duo or in a squad with up to 3 other friends.
  • Players begin with nothing, and everyone starts off in a flying bus that travels across a map. You choose when to parachute out, and once you've landed your immediate objective is to start looting materials, weapons, ammunition and shields in the game world. (Eliminating enemy players and pinching their stuff having done so is another great way of gearing up!)
  • There is a crafting component, which allows players to use their gathered resources in order to build defensive structures, or stairs to traverse steep surfaces. Certain materials are stronger, however, and so provide better protection than others.
  • To prevent players from simply hiding away somewhere nice and obscure and dodging combat altogether, a mechanic called The Storm Eye shrinks the circular playable area over time. Players who do not move into the new playable zone will take damage and quickly die. The idea is that, over time, the remaining playerbase gets pushed into an increasingly claustrophobic play space.

That's the very broad overview of how Fortnite: Battle Royale actually plays.

Beginner's guide

- In the opening stages of a match, it's vital that you try to grab as much loot as you can physically get your hands on. You want weapon options and building resources at this stage, and lots of the latter.

- When it comes to weapons, the most important items to target for your collection are a Shotgn, and Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. These three fundamentals are an excellent starting point for your arsenal. These will set you up nicely for the rest of the game and are the perfect tools to cause some pain at any engagement range (expect them all!)

There are different kinds of Sniper Rifle, however, and so try to keep in mind that you'll ideally want to prioritise getting a Bolt-Action version of the weapon. Although these weapons can be less forgiving if you're unsteady with your aim, if you manage to land a shot with one you'll be laughing all the way to the next storm circle. These things pack an incredible punch!

Here are the items you should try to get your hands on in order of priority.

  • Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper
  • Meds
  • Shield

Everything else is luxury and will help you win the game, but these are the core fundamentals of a winning strategy. We'll make a final note here though about Rocket Launchers. These can be very useful for taking out late-game bases in particular, but in the earlier stages of a match these should sit somewhere further down the shopping list.

Movement and environment

If you're a PUBG player, then you're going to need to start retraining your brain when it comes to thinking about traversal. Don't forget, after all, that you can now build stairs and get up sloped areas quickly that way. It's a new meta to learn, and you need to start getting used to these mechanics mmediately.

Don't forget that you can place walls anywhere, something that can be very useful if you're taking heavy fire and want to gain the upper hand. Always be thinking about your vulnerabilities - and your escape points - and how you can swing the tide of battle back in your favour when you find yourself under pressure.

Remember too that you are at a huge disadvantage whenever you push into a building. The person inside (if there is one) is going to know where you're coming from, and although they can hear you coming, you can't see their exact location. If you know someone's inside, wait for them to come out of the building instead and catch them by surprise, rather than stalking them through the interior.

Alternatively, use those building materials you've gathered and create a structure that wraps around the building they're in. At that point, you can stake them out from above and effectively turns the tables on them, without putting yourself in a particularly vulnerable position.


Map strategy

There are two winning map strategies that rhinocrunch recommends every player pursues in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The first is built around the concept a big kill strategy. In this approach, you play the edge of the map, waiting for players, rotating with the circle and pick off enemies as they race towards the next playable area. It takes a lot of skill and a little bit of luck to pull this strategy off, but it's definitely viable.

A more reliable strategy has you rushing the centre of each new circle immediately, and from there just try to stay ahead of every other player. Once you're in position, you can start taking advantage of your early knowledge of terrain, and plan out your vantage points accordingly.

This strategy ensures you avoid entering the new circle from a bad angle, where you can get picked off pretty cleanly by a savvy opponent. Instead, and if you just rush the centre, you get to see the whole playing field: what's a good spot, what's a bad spot? You'll have time to set up a base before the enemy arrives as well.

In terms of positioning, high ground is always your friend. It provides you with a superior vantage point that's hard for your enemy to retaliate against, and it also allows you to flee the fight if you're not confident it's going to go your way.

Again, always remember that you can craft your way up sharp slopes extremely quickly if you need to get away, or you want to establish a fantastic camping position.

While traversing the map, listen carefully to your surroundings. There are loads of visual and audio cues to help you gain crucial intel about where someone is. If you think someone is around you, then crouch because it'll muffle your footsteps. You can then use the positioning of the enemy's sound to pinpoint their location and prepare your devastating ambush.

For more strategy tips, make sure you check out our Solo, Duo and Squad strategy guides as they'll give you a better idea of how to navigate the map and gain an advantage when playing in this separate game modes.


Try to keep enough resources about you at all times so that you can at least build an emergency wall. Don't get caught out in the open without enough resources in your backpack to build an emergency shelter if it's needed. In an ideal world, you should aim to have around 300 of each resource on you at any given time.

We can't stress the importance of resource gathering enough! It's easy to focus all your attention on chasing kills and bagging the strongest weaponry in the game, but building materials are invaluable, and only become increasingly precious as each match wears on.

You don't want to be in a position where you can't build a structure under pressure. Whether you need to quickly create a set of ramps to flank an opponent, or panic-construct some walls to take cover behind, if you don't have the resources to do so, you're putting yourself at a major disadvantage.

As a general rule of thumb, wood is great for quick builds, but stone and metal are brilliant for building a sturdy late-game fort.

If you're aiming to build quickly and efficiently, our how to build quickly guide will definitely help you out.


It goes without saying that it's incredibly important that you can lay your hands on what you need without even thinking about it. Those who have to fumble around for weapon slots are unlikely to grab that elusive number one spot. That means mastering the controls so that muscle-memory alone gets you what you need, when you need it.

Choosing your starting location

When it comes to choosing your starting location, there are a few things that you really need to consider.

In very simple terms, if you land in a heavily populated area of a city, then you might have more opportunities to grab loot and weapons, but you also have a much higher chance of dying if one of your opponents gets a better weapon first.

Instead, you might consider dropping into a much quieter part of the map. This is still dangerous - and you'll have further to travel on foot with less looting opportunities along the way - but you do get more of an opportunity to set up your strategy in relative peace.

Weapon Rarities

There are five different rarities in total:

  • Grey - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Orange - Legendary

As any player familiar with this kind of tier system will know, the better the rarity the harder it is to come by. Legendaries are accordingly extremely rare, but are also exceptionally powerful as a result.

A few other notes on what you should look to loot and definitely keep hold of:

1. Anything with a scope is incredible in the game, as it allows you to damage from distance - an advantage in every single game of this kind. Most engagements take place at medium to far range, so a scope is just awesome.

2. Keep getting ammo wherever you can. Seriously, you do not want to run out of sniper bullets just as you've got the perfect kill in your sights.

3. If a higher rarity of your current weapon shows up, swap it out. This is a no-brainer and provides an instant upgrade on whatever you happen to be packing at the time.

4. Don't always drop a weapon if you find another that's rarer. Sometimes it's worth keeping hold of a common assault rifle over a blue SMG. Take into account your own playstyle before making a decision.

Tips for managing The Storm Eye

To stop everyone simply holing up and avoiding combat until everyone dies of boredom, Fortnite Battle Royale makes use of something called The Storm Eye. This playable circle decreases all the time, and if you're not fighting inside of it you're going to take lethal damage extremely quickly.

Many players like to hover around the edge of the circle, moving with the perimeter as it shrinks, but this is not going to lead you into a winning position by the time the end-game rolls around. At this stage, you really need to build as solid a base as you can manage, using the strongest materials that you've managed to scavenge along the way.

If you use weaker materials, you simply run the risk of having your current opponent blow it to smithereens using explosives, and leave you desperately under-defended in the process. This problem is only confounded of course if they've made their base out of sturdier stuff themselves.

Back to The Storm Eye for a moment though. You must maintain continual awareness of where you are relative to this circle, and be ready to move at a moment's notice. You do not want to end up in a firefight while the walls are closing in around you, and it's going to take practise to make this situational awareness second nature.

How to recover health
It's possible to recover health - or prevent taking damage in the first place - by making use of three different mechanics in the game:
  • Bandage: These drop in stacks of five and restore 15 points of health each. Try to have a few of these on you at all times, but bear in mind that these cannot heal you to maximum health - only to 75. Be careful not to waste these precious resources, but at the same time don't play too loose with your precious health if a fight is imminent!
  • Medkit: These suckers heal you up for 100 health. Note that you can only have three of these on you at any given time.
  • Mini Shield Potions: These are thin, blue tubes of juice that'll grant you 25 armour each. As they're smaller you can horde quite a number of them too, so make sure you keep a few in your inventory to top yourself up here and there.
  • Large Shield Potions: These are arguably the most important pick-ups in the game. These add a 50-point shield to your health bar. There's no damage-mitigation effect here, just an extra buffer to your standard health.
  • Slurp Juice: These are epic rarity equivalents of 1 Mini Shield Potion + 1 Bandage, except they restore 25 armour and health over a period of 25 seconds. Great for chugging just before a fight!
  • Chug-jug: These enormous kegs of juice take 15 seconds to down but restore both your health and shields to maximum.

Managing resources

There are two ways of gathering resources in Battle Royale. You'll either find them lying around on the ground, or they'll be hidden away in chests which you need to open up. Alternatively you can smash the resources by hitting trees and rocks with your pickaxe.

Unfortunately - or fortunately, for your enemies - gathering items in this way will make a certain amount of noise, leaving your vulnerable to a quick clean kill while you were gathering scraps. Scope the area, listen carefully for the sounds of combat in the nearby vicinity, and wait until you're confident you're alone before digging up these items.

Although it's tempting to skip out on gathering this stuff for fear of exposing yourself, you absolutely need to build yourself a defensive structure or two in the late stages of the game when the stakes are really high. Just stay alert at all times, and make sure you're filling up on resources at every opportunity.


You're able to craft a number of structures with the materials you've built. The best players use building to get the drop on their opponents quickly, setup defenses in a pinch or create towers to survey the area.

It can be a difficult, finicky mechanic to learn at first but it's essential that you practice at every available opportunity. Once you've got the hang of it, you'll be climbing the ranks in no time.

How to build

Firstly, we highly recommend rebinding your building options. The ability to build ramps and platforms are all tied to the function keys which don't make building on the fly all that easy.

We'd recommend setting building options 2 and 3 to keys close to WASD so you can craft quicker and start ingraining these new methods into your muscle memory.


  • Q is automatically bound to building walls and you'll see a blue template where the wall (or any other structure you select) will be placed. Press the corresponding function or rebound keys for platforms, ramps and roofs - think of this as bringing up your building menu.
  • Simply click to place a structure.
  • Ramps, platforms and more can also be attached to other structures you've built. Again, you'll see the blue template before building so you can be confident in where you're placing new attachments.
  • If you cannot place a structure, the template will turn red.
  • All of these structures cost materials to build and you'll see these icons on the right of your screen. You cannot build without the necessary amount of materials.
  • Click the right mouse button to swap between which building material you're using.
  • Pressing G while facing an existing structure will enable you to edit it. You can add doorways and windows or even just delete things entirely.

Miscellaneous tips

1. Be very wary of open doors


2. Crouch whenever possible

3. Upgrade weapons into higher rarity versions

4. Traps can provide very easy kills

5. Choose your fights carefully

6. Stick together when you're playing with friends

7. If you can play using headphones, then do so.

8. Don't wait to use a Shield Potion

9. A good defense is a good offense

10. Surviving the end-game


Best Places to Land

How you start off a game of Fortnite: Battle Royale usually dictates how the rest of the match will pan out. Land in a bad spot and you could face a risky scramble to bag all the loot before everyone else does, or simply end up with nothing and come up against an enemy later down the line who’s sporting all that lovely legendary stuff.

There’s a lot of map to cover, and so it’s very difficult to ascertain which spots will be safe to land in, and - most importantly - which will have a higher chance of containing sweet loot chests. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to follow guide which’ll show you some of the best spots to land so you can get geared up nice and quickly.


Best Places to Land For Loot

Below you’ll find a list of the best places to land which’ll give you the highest chances of gearing up quickly.

East of Junk Junction and Haunted Hills

Look to the top-left of your map and you'll see both Junk Junction and Haunted Hills tucked away in the corner. Just to the right of these two locations is a small group of ruined houses, chock full of juicy loot chests.

This is a prime location if you're looking for somewhere pretty quiet, and want an easy time finding those all-important golden chests.

Once you're done here it's worth moving over to Junk Junction, Haunted Hills or even Pleasant Park if you've got the time. All of these areas are likely to be populated with stragglers who've done all the looting for you - be aggressive and claim it as your own.

 Between Shifty Shafts and Flush FactoryPlonked right in the middle of both Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory is a little area with an enormous wooden chair, a diner and a couple of houses.

This isn't a glamorous location filled with chests, but it does serve its purpose as a quiet place containing just enough gear to get you up and running. You'll want to loot everything swiftly before scouring the outer areas for more. There's an abandoned house nearby which contains a chest, and loads of trees to harvest too.

We recommend moving onto larger locations like Flush Factory or Shifty Shafts once you've cleaned up shop. You'll be sufficiently geared up to assassinate any enemies, and as these areas are hotly contested it's likely you'll stumble into some fights and get the drop on multiple foes as well.

Motel Near Anarchy AcresJust off to the left of Anarchy Acres is a nicely positioned motel with some pretty tasty loot. Get ready for a fight though, as this place is hotly contested in a typical match.

To increase your chances of survival, land on the abandoned houses and begin working your way into the motel. Use the gaps in the walls to seek out any opponents, stay on the rooftops and you'll gather vital intel on enemy positions.

Listen out for chests in the motel and make sure you check the trucks outside - they sometimes carry chests too.

Flush Factory 2Just to the right of Flush Factory is a very similar area, but one that's bound to be less crowded.

This place is so utterly stuffed with loot chests it's almost as if Epic went a little overboard. Just run about and you'll constantly hear that glorious shimmering sound cue - it's actually a bit ridiculous.

Just flit between buildings, check vehicles and it won't be long before you're genuinely spilling items because you can't hold anymore.

Another great thing about this location is the number of wooden pallets lying around. These grant a surprising amount of wood in next to no time, so make sure you harvest them whenever possible.

How to get loot and gear up quickly

- The recommended starting location for gearing up quickly in the game is Retail Row, which is the large settlement located just over to the east of Loot Lake on the map. It's not the only spot, of course, so make sure you check out the other articles.

- When you arrive it's absolutely vital that you grab a gun - any gun - immediately, because this is a very popular place to start gearing up. You'll find good starting weapons either on the rooftops here, or in the basketball courts nearby.

- If you don't have any luck getting a weapon outside, head inside to the biggest building that's directly opposite the basketball court. There should be something serviceable in here that will afford you some kind of protection while you begin your scavenger hunt.

- Before heading into the back area, check the upper balcony inside to see if there are any gun spawns up there. In the back room, check the top of the shelves as a chest will often spawn in this location. Bust your way outside once you're done and take a look inside the rear of the truck too - there's sometimes another chest in there as well.

- Open the nearby doors, loot everything you see in the outbuildings to the rear, and then make your way back outside to the main forecourt of the retail park.

- In the nearby generator room you should be able to hoover up a few other items, such as ammunition and bandages. At this point you should have enough equipment to handily dispatch any enemies who have started lurking around the area.



Base Building Design Tips and Ideas

If there’s one thing that you’ll want to master in Fortnite: Battle Royale, it’s getting the hang of building structures in a pinch. Whenever we get eliminated by a much stronger player and spectate them, they’ve always got the ‘builder’s touch’ - a silly term we’ve just coined which effectively means someone who’s able to place a structure in a matter of seconds.

While it takes some practice to increase your building speed, getting the hang of cobbling together a structure in the heat of the moment is a key skill that’ll dramatically increase your chances of winning, and ensure you’re able to fight toe to toe with the best players.

To get you started with base building in Fortnite: Battle Royale, we’ve put together a guide that outlines some of the fastest, but most effective builds for the most common situations you’ll face in-game.

Although this is by no means a definitive guide, we do feel that the builds we’ve highlighted work great on their own, or can be expanded upon in different ways to suit the situation you happen to be in. Master these designs as part of your basic arsenal of tools, then stamp your own designs on top!


We've linked a video down below which showcases how building in Fortnite: Battle Royale can be used in so many unique ways.

The Myth is one of the best players out there, and when it comes to building structures he's easily the fastest we've seen. By no means are we saying that you can reach his level of building prowess instantly after reading this article, but it's worth watching how he utilises different structures to outmaneuver and outposition his enemies in order to win the fight.

If anything, this video serves as inspiration. Forget his obvious talent for a second and focus on the fact that he's building simple structures, albeit at an insane speed. These are structures you can build too, and it's important that you practice building them under pressure if you want to climb the ranks.


Best Basic Builds For Any Situation

Gathering Materials

Just a quick note before we get started. It’s important that you’re constantly gathering materials with your pickaxe as you explore the map. Make it a habit whenever you’ve got a quiet moment to chop down some trees, walls or other structures. This way you’ll avoid awkward moments where you’re frantically trying to build something, but don’t have the resources to do so.

Panic Walls

Starting off with something really simple. This may just save your life, or give you the advantage when a fight suddenly springs out of nowhere.

By placing walls down, you can use them to absorb bullets while you’re doing a runner. Alternativel you can place them in front of you while facing an opponent to minimise damage and fake them out.

  • Situational Usage: When you’re being shot in the back running across open ground or you suddenly encounter an enemy directly ahead.
  • How To Build: Choose wood as it’s a common, disposable resource and just select the default wall option. Now place the walls in front or alternatively swivel and place them behind you.

Panic Ramps

This is a staple in any builder’s repertoire and it involves quickly crafting a ramp that’ll give you a height advantage. You’ll be able to dip into the ramp for cover and peek over the edge when going for your shots. It’s simple and really effective!

Do be warned that it’s pretty easy to destroy, so think of it as a temporary advantage.

  • Situational Usage: When you’ve spotted an enemy in the distance or you’re preparing for an imminent fight.
  • How To Build: Plonk down wooden walls creating a wooden box, stand in the center and place a ramp leading upwards. Finish the build by placing a wall behind the ramp.

Panic Ramps V2

Following on from the build above, this is a simple build that’ll grant you a height advantage on two different sides and provides enough protection to heal or armour up when under fire.

  • Situational Usage: When you’re engaged in a duel with an enemy/enemies or want a structure to hold down a position temporarily.
  • How To Build: Create a rectangle out of walls, stand in the center and place ramps leading upwards on both sides.
  • It’s worth noting that this is easily expanded upon and you’re certainly not limited to sticking with this structure. If another situation strikes, build as you see fit!

Sniper Tower

If you want to gain some serious altitude and snipe enemies from afar, this build takes next to no time.

Just have an escape plan when building this tower. We recommend having a ramp leading down from the top, so you can quickly begin descending if people start peppering your build.

  • Situational Usage: When you want to see the surrounding area from a birds-eye view or snipe an enemy out in the far distance.
  • How To Build: Create a small box encasing yourself, stand to one side, jump and place a ramp leading upwards. Move to the highest point of this ramp, build walls, jump and place a ramp leading upwards - rinse and repeat.
  • Again, this structure can be utilised in a number of ways. Scale to a desired height, start building platforms outwards to reach previously inaccessible areas, or go about creating a zany sky fortress. The choice is yours.
The Funnel

The first is a basic structure that provides great cover and a decent height advantage. The second expands on this to give you a wide platform on which you and your team can survey the whole area safely.

First Build

  • Build a 2 x 2 box, stand in the center and place the pyramid/roof structure in each of the corners. It should look like a funnel that’s sucking you inwards.

Second Build

  • Build stairs protruding outwards from each of these walls and place the roof structure in between each of the gaps. This will make the funnel even larger.
  • Select walls, run along the structure you’ve just built and place them on the outside. You can do this while in the safety of the funnel, you don’t need to stand right on the outer edge of the ramps.

How to Link Friends on Facebook

Fortnite Battle Royale has a new feature, one which lets you hook up your Facebook account to the Epic Games launcher. This in turn should make it much easier to squad up with your buddies and get games going nice and quickly.

It's not a complicated process to sync the accounts together if we're honest, but in this article you'll find a step-by-step process for connecting your accounts and getting the whole thing set in very short order.

  • First things first, log into the game and get to the main character screen.
  • When you arrive at that screen, you should be presented with the following window which promotes the new function.
  • If you want to connect your account to Facebook, you'll see a button in the middle of the promotional window. Click on it to go through to the next stage.
  • Once you click that button you'll be redirected to the Epic Games Launcher, which you normally use to fire up Battle Royale or download other Epic titles.
  • Before you can actually start adding Facebook friends, you will first of all have to grant Epic Games permission to sync up with your social media feed.
  • Click on the big blue Facebook icon towards the bottom of the screen to sync up your account and grant the necessary permissions. Just be mindful of the terms and conditions which explain the information Epic gains access to when you do this, although you can always remove these persmissions at a later date.
  • This will open up a separate window on your browser, and you'll be directed straight to Facebook.
  • Click the long horizonal blue button with your name on it to comlete the process.

Legendary (Yellow) Guns and Other Weapons

Whether you classify them as Yellow or Legendary items, gaining the top-tier of guns and weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale will grant you a significant advantage in the thick of battle.

By the time the frantic end-game battle rolls around - where there's a constant balancing act to be had between taking defensive measures and delivering outright obliteration - you'll be glad you took the time to rummage around every nook and cranny on the map, in the hope of getting a more and more powerful collection of weapons together.

In this article you'll find all of the stats and insight you need to know about each type of Legendary gun or weapon in Battle Royale. Just keep in mind that certain weapon types - such as pistols - don't have a Legendary flavour at the time of publishing. If that changes in a future patch we'll note the new content right here.

Legendary (Yellow) SCAR Assault Rifle

It's always handy to have an Assault Rifle about you, as they're effective at both short and mid-range combat. The damage is good, the accuracy is pretty solid, and it's a great all-rounder that will help you live just a little longer.

Here are some quick facts about the Legendary version of the SCAR Assault Rifle.

  • DPS: 214.5
  • Damage: 36
  • Fire Rate: 5.5
  • Mag: 30
  • Reload: 2.1

Legendary (Yellow) Grenade Launcher

We probably don't need to explain to you what a Grenade Launcher does (although it is worth pointing out that it uses regular grenades as ammo), and the Legendary version is very handy to have in your toolkit.

Here are the basic facts on the weapon's stats, correct at the time of publishing this article:

  • DPS: 110
  • Damage: 100
  • Fire Rate: 1
  • Mag: 6
  • Reload: 2.7

Legendary (Yellow) Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launchers are enormously helpful when it comes to smashing end-game forts to smithereens. It is also, of course, an extremely blunt yet effective weapon for handling opponents too. Just don't forget to bring a mop to clean up afterwards...

Here's everything you need to know about the core stats of the Legendary Rocket Launcher in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

  • DPS: 90.7
  • Damage: 121
  • Fire Rate: 0.75
  • Mag: 1
  • Reload: 1.6

Legendary (Yellow) Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Far better than finding yourself in a frantic duel is, of course, to eliminate the opponent before they've even seen you coming. To that end, you have the humble yet effective Sniper Rifle.

We reckon the Legendary Semi-Auto is the one to track down, and these are the stats you can look forward to taking advantage of if you do happen to find one in the field.

  • DPS: 79.2
  • Damage: 66
  • Fire Rate: 1.2
  • Mag: 10
  • Reload: 2.3

Legendary (Yellow) SMG

Classed as an SMG, the Minigun is an excellent method of obliteration. Just be warned that you're unsteady on your feet while using it, and it's not exactly the most precise weapon of destruction.

The Minigun's stats look a little like this:

  • DPS: 204
  • Damage: 17
  • Fire Rate: 12
  • Mag: 0
  • Reload: 4.5

How to Get the Golden Umbrella

If you've been watching many videos of Fortnite: Battle Royale, you'll have noticed that some of the best players prefer to glide into battle courtesy of a rather elegant umbrella accessory. Not the humble glider for them, instead they'd rather descend into the chaos with a little extra weather protection to boot.

How do you actually get the umbrella in Battle Royale though? The good news is that it's a pretty simple process. The bad news is that you're either going to have to get a little bit good at the game, a little bit lucky, or - more likely - a little bit of both.

Battle Royale's umbrella is unlocked by “simply” winning a round of combat and emerging victorious out of all the other players hoping to win the game - and perhaps grab a 'brolly of their own. It's important to note though that winning a game in one mode does not unlock it in the other modes as well.

That means that if you manage to claim your first victory in a solo match, the umbrella will only be available in the future solo matches that you participate in. If you want to unlock the umbrella for a squad match, you'll need to win a squad match with your buddies. You get the picture.

 Once you've achieved a so-called Victory Royale there's nothing else you need to do in order to unlock this item. Once you've won a squad or a solo player battle, the umbrella will be automatically added to your collection, and it'll be automatically equipped as well. Henceforth, you will descend down into combat like a unusually bloodthirsty Mary Poppins.

How to get the Golden Umbrella and Glider

You wouldn't believe how many false rumours are circulating around how to get hold of the 'Golden' umbrella/glider. First and foremost, a truly golden umbrella doesn't actually exist in game - not yet, at least. It's actually a camo version which just happens to look a little golden, and it requires you to pony up a litte extra cash.

We've read all sorts of absurd messages online, with people saying you need to win X number of games and this, that and the other.

Turns out it's pretty simple, all you'll need to do is purchase the Founders Edition of Fortnite: Battle Royale and get 1 win. So there you have it, the certified way to obtaining your camo goodies!


Daily Challenges List - Rewards, Reset Times and More

Daily Challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale provide you with a different, specific task to complete on a daily basis. These might involve you taking out the competition using a certain weapon a specific number of times, for example, or simply surviving longer than a fixed number of players.

Some of these tasks take longer to complete than others, and so you can accumulate up to three Daily Challenges at any one time. Note, however, that if you have the Battle Pass active you will receive one extra Daily Challenge per day, and can have a total of four quests active at once - one of the many perks of investing into the game's seasonal play.

In this article you'll find a breakdown of all the Daily Challenges we're currently aware of in Fortnite: Battle Royale, along with a few tips for wrapping each one up nice and quickly - handy if it requires a playstyle you're not exactly wild about.


Which Daily Challenges are available?

Here are all of the Daily Challenges we're aware of in Fortnite: Battle Royale. If there's one we've missed, let us know in the comments and we'll include the information when we next update this article.

Outlive Solo Players

Objective: Outlive players in the Solo queue

To finish this you're going to have to survive longer than 150 other poor souls. Note from the name of this challenge that you must complete the objective while in the Solo queue. No teaming up with friends for this one we're afraid.

This is one of those occasions where you best bet is to simply focus on avoiding combat altogether, and let the rest of the pack pick each other off. The longer you can last in this manner, the faster you'll finish the objective. There's not much more to say about it really.

If you need help finishing this one up, you might find out Solo tips, tricks and strategy page a handy resource.

Outlive Squad Players

Objective: Outlive players in the Duo queue

This is another survival challenge, but this time around you'll have to last longer than 150 other people while playing in the Squad queue. Again, if you're looking to wrap this one up with a few buddies, the name of the game is to stay out of sight and out of the other players' minds...

Effective Squad mode play requires a very different mindset, so take a look at our Squad tips, tricks and strategy guide for more insight into how to win as a team.

Outlive Players

Objective: Outlive 200 players

The Outlive Players challenge has you competing to survive longer than 200 other players across a series of games. The longer you last, the more progress you'll tick off basically, and you'll bag yourself 500 experience once you've completed it.

In terms of tips for beating this, you're obviously highly encouraged to play the waiting game here, and focus on staying out of trouble for as long as you. Stay away from crowded areas, focus on survival and evasion above all else, and you should get this one finished in pretty short order.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using a Sniper Rifle

In this task, the objective is pretty simple, and you need to kill a total of five other players using a sniper rifle. It goes without saying that the more adapt you are at using these weapons, the easier a time you'll have of this

Assuming you've reached a point where you can land your shots reliably, get up high and look for a great vantage spot from which you can camp and take out the trash. Remember too that knockdowns don't count towards the progress of this challenge, and so you'll want to hit up the solo queue for quick, clean kills.

Assault Rifle Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using an Assault Rifle

Like the Sniper Rifle challenge, this one tasks you with eliminating other players using Assault Rifles. Again, you'll need to pick off a total of five opponents to finish up the task. This time around you're going to need to get into the thick of battle a little more - no hiding up high and picking off your victims for you!

SMG Eliminations

Objective: Kill other players using an SMG

Just like the other weapon-based challenges, to finish this one up you need to wipe out five other players using an SMG. This is the most frantic one of the lot really, as you'll have to get pretty up close and personal to make a quick kill using these weapons.

Seek out an SMG in the early game when enemies are less likely to be armoured up and let loose. Otherwise, save building materials so you can approach enemies at close range safely by putting up walls, ramps - the lot.

Search Chests

Objective: Search five chests

You should find this one pretty easy to tick off, as you simply need to have a good rummage around inside a total of five chests.

Your best bet here is to head to the less populated corners of the map, so you have a greater chance of finding unopened chests - and avoid getting your head blown off before you can loot them, of course. Note that Ammo Boxes do not count towards the total when it comes to wrapping this one up.

A great location for this is Snobby Shores as it's not too popular and has a surprising amount of chests on offer. All in all though, you'll get this quest done pretty quickly if you forget kills and just go mad running about and hunting down chests no matter what.

Search Ammo Boxes

Objective: Search Ammo Boxes

These are the smaller, darkened boxes that you'll come across as you roam the map, and you'll need to open up a certain number of them to finish the challenge. Houses are good places to find these items, and they can be sprinkled throughout each one. Make sure you have a good clear out before moving on to your next location.

Play Matches

Objective: Play three matches

As the name suggests, to complete this Daily Challenge you simply need to play a total of three matches in any mode. It also stacks rather neatly with every other task you happen to be working towards at the same time. Note that if you quit a match it doesn't always count, so kill yourself or just stroll into a firefight to check out of the game nice and early on...

Place Top 6 in Squads

Objective: Finish in the top six in Squad mode

This is a pretty self-explanatory challenge really, but just remember that you have to be playing in Squad mode for progress to be counted.


When do Daily Challenges reset?

A new Daily Challenge will turn up each day, and the exact time for the switchover is 4:00pm PST. That's 7:00pm EST, 12:00am in the UK and 1:00am in Europe.

How do you abandon a Daily Challenge?

If you really can't stomach the thought of finishing the task you've been given, you can simply selected "Inspect Challenges" from the menu, then abandon the one you don't want to keep any more. You won't get another one until the next reset though, so don't be too aggressive at throwing these XP-earning opportunities away.

What are the rewards for finishing Daily Challenges?

Completing each one of the Daily Challenges that we've highlighted in this guide will reward you with 500 experience points.

Experience points are used to increase your season level. Increasing your season level rewards you with Battle Stars. These are in turn used to level up your Battle Pass (assuming you've bought one).


How to Dance

It goes without saying that the main objective in Fortnite: Battle Royale is to track down your enemies and blast them to pieces with your collection of weapons, build defensive forts to keep the rest of the pack at bay, and just generally outlast the competition until you've bagged that Victory Royale.

That doesn't mean you can't bring a little extra style to proceedings though, and you actually have access to a number of different ways to express yourself on the battlefield. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two along the way?

If that all sounds just a little too reckless for your liking though, the good news is that you can actually bust out some dance moves while chilling in the pre-game lobby area. It's a nice way to show off your cosmetic purchases, and will certainly make your stand out from the rest of the pack!

If you've not got a clue about how to dance in Fortnite: Battle Royale though, we've pulled together all of the controls for each and every platform into one place. Not only that, we've also provided some extra detail about how you actually unlock each of the dance emotes we mention as well, so you can start building up your repertoire!


How to dance

Here’s how to unleash your moves on each platform.

  • PC: B

How to unlock more dances

Here’s how to get hold of even more dance moves.

  • You’ll need to purchase the Battle Pass with V-Bucks.
  • V-Bucks cost real money and you can purchase them through the in-game store.
  • Once you’ve got purchased the Battle Pass, you’ll progressively unlock rewards the more you play.
  • Rewards include new dances, including “Floss” and “The Worm”.



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