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Guide: Nexomon

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Think carefully before making decisions

Nexomon is a game that is all about strategy and tactical planning to always stay one step ahead of the enemy. As this is a turn-based game, any move that you make will have consequences on the entire game that executes aerwards as a result. You also have to keep in mind that while you are making a move, the enemy is also simultaneously planning its next moves on the battlefield. Think of it as a game of chess. If you make one wrong move, you cannot go back and you are left only with regret and sorrow.


When you start the game, you begin as a teenage character and depending upon your choice of gender at the start of the game, your character will be a boy or a girl. If you don’t like the appearance of your character at the start of the game, exploring the vast open world and fauna will grant you with a host of opportunities to collect many customization
items and you can equip these by going into the main menu which is accessible from the red device visible at the top le corner of the screen of your smartphone.

Where to choose starter Nexomon

Once you get your bearings and begin to feel comfortable with the on screen joypad and movement controls, you will proceed downstairs to where your family of scientists is in meeting with the greatest trainer of your time. Once you approach near them, your father will proceed with the Trainer to a secret chamber and your mother will forbid you from following them. To anyone who has played similar games like Pokemon, this would be a blatant proof that something is not right and some evil forces are at work. Well be prepared to be shocked because when you go out

to play with your friend Ellie, a thug is trying to run with a stolen Nexomon container. It is your time to play hero as you immediately confront him and snatch the Nexomon container back. During all this scuffle, the Nexomon container drops and when you come near it, you are given the option to choose from six starter Nexomons to keep and raise as your own.

Choose Your Starter Nexomon Wisely

This is the first and most important point of choice given to you in the game because once you select a Nexomon from the six starters, there is no going back! You will be stuck with the same primary Nexomon for better or worse for the rest of your game and it is better to spend as much time as possible comparing which starter has the best abilities to suit your style of play so that you do not start to get bored halfway through your journey. When you hover over any of the six starters, a card will be displayed showcasing the current skills of that Nexomon, its type, health and base stats. It is quite a chore to remember and compare each of the six starters one by one while you are in game so this guide summarizes all possible types of players and the best suitable Nexomon for each of them so you can focus on the real battles taking place around you.

Six Types of Nexomon

You will find six different types of Nexomon for the six starters and each of them has a strength or weakness against each other and other types of Nexomon that you will encounter later on in the game. These six types of the starters are Normal, Mineral, Wind, Fire, Electric, Plant and Water Nexomons. If you have any experience playing Pokemon or related games before you will instantly recognize that four of these six types are the foundational elements of nature and each of these is a counter to the other. Therefore, if you select a Fire Nexomon for your starter, remember that it will always be very strong against plant and mineral type Nexomon but super weak against water type Nexomon. The key to making the best choice is to know about which Nexomon your starter will be strong and weak against before picking it so read carefully ahead as the knowledge mentioned might just be the turning point of a crucial future battle.

Think about balance

A fire starter will be weak against water type Nexomon but this does not mean that you forego picking a fire starter in favor of the water starter. The water starter Nexomon is very strong against fire types but it is extremely weak when matched up against a plant type or electric type Nexomon. If you choose a water starter, be prepared to catch a powerful fire or mineral Nexomon from the wild to keep in your team to balance out the disadvantages. Similarly,
a plant type Nexomon is strong against mineral and water types but very weak against fire and wind types while electric types have a normal not so effective attack against them. Electric type Nexomons are the only type that has only one weakness for mineral and is strong against both water and wind type Nexomons. An electric type starter is therefore a very safe choice for beginners as mineral type Nexomons come at quite a later stage in the game and you will have ammassed a competent team of your own by that time. The wind type starters are the most attractive Nexomons in the game but dont let their beauty fool you as they are also very poweful. Wind types are super strong against plant types only but weak against electric so they have only one strength and one weakness and the rest of their abilities do normal damage to the remaining types of Nexomons.

The mineral starters

The mineral starters are one of the hardest choices as they have hoards of natural enemies starting very early on in the game. You will have to battle your way through armies of fire, water and plant Nexomons, all of which are super effective against the mineral type. Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid selecting the mineral starter type unless you are up for a real challenge and love to battle for your very survival in the game. If you do end up with a mineral
starter, you should take solace and pride in the fact that your Nexomon will grow to be much stronger and harder to defeat in battle if you manage to advance far off in the game.

Customize the personality of your characters

You can also choose to customize the personality of your characters to give a more meaningful
turn to the gameplay story. The customization panel offers a range of options to choose the
behavior and personality of your character that you have selected. You can choose from
Aggressive, Protective, Team worker and so on which basically defines the kind of dialogues and
decisions that the game will generate for your chosen character. For example if you choose the
aggressive personality, the game will almost always generate brutal dialogues and hasty
decisions which end up in fights with enemy trainers or even your friends. You can choose this
personality if you want the game to move at a faster pace and are more interested in destruction
and mayhem than some quality role playing strategy. Similarly, if you choose the team worker
personality, you should prepare yourself for some humorous dialogues and strategic exchanges
on the missions to come. The team worker characters are very jolly and great fun to play
especially if you are more into the story building aspect of the game rather than mindlessly
battling Nexomons all around you.

Calculate the apparent movement of your enemy before making a move

Nexomon is very unforgiving in the sense that if you do make the wrong move and end up getting
trapped, then it is most likely game over for you. Also, because you control only one main
character in the game at a time, there is no alternative option le for you but to battle it out
against nerve racking odds. Therefore, it is advised to take your time and calculate the apparent
movement of your enemy before making a move. A hasty decision will lead you to nowhere but
regret so avoid acting on a whim and trust your instinct to make the best move to counteract your
enemy Nexomon at all times.

Capturing Wild Nexomon And Nexo Battles

A primary part of your time in the game will be spent catching wild Nexomon during your missions and exploration quests. Wild Nexomon are an essential part for making the best possible team and to this end you should always strive to hunt for higher level Wild Nexomon even if you have a complete team at your side. It is therefore very important that you should learn about how to capture a wild nexomon, the best tips to get hold of the extra difficult creatures and use your captured friends to create the best possible team of Nexomon for every situation and battle.

Capturing a Nexomon is very easy at the earlier stages of the game and requires only throwing a Nexo crate at a wild Nexomon without even attacking it. You can access the Nexomon crate by swiping le twice aer opening the backpack menu and selecting the crate from thw dropdown list of key items. To capture a Nexomon just throw the Nexo crate and wait for the animation to complete aer which the Nexo crate will bob sideways two to three times depending upon the level and rarity of the Nexomon.

As you progress through the game, wild Nexomon will begin resisting and get harder and harder to capture. In these situations a useful trick in the game could save you from hours of frustration and anger. Whenever you encounter a very high level Nexomon in the wild and especially if it is of ultra rare or very rare class, you should never try to immediately throw a Nexo crate in attempts to get a lucky catch. Always find the best counter to the Nexomon from your team and begin attacking it. Once you have engaged the powerful Nexomon, it will be very unlikely for it to try and run away from you thereby giving you a lot of time to wear it down and make it much easier to capture for you. The best technique is to bring the Nexomon down to 25 percent of its health and then throw a Nexo crate at it. This is known as the magic HP level because whenever you throw a Nexo crate at this health, you will almost always be guaranteed with a successful capture of the Nexomon.

Battling with rival trainers and other Nexomon is also an experience in itself and a vital part of the entire game. If used properly every Nexomon has skills which can turn the tide of battle if used at the correct time. These abilities should be used only when one or more of your Nexomon are at more than half their health for maximum effect. If used correctly, the valor bonus can completely upset the odds of the battle and ensure a definite win for your team of Nexomon.

Achievements And Nexo Evolutions

Nexomon brings with it a truck load of achievements for you to track your progress and motivate you towards higher goals as you continue playing the game. Not only do these achievements serve as milestones for you to brag about to your friends and family, they have in-game benefits as well. When you complete a certain set of achievements you will be able to claim rewards against that achievements and you can track how much you have progressed with the other achievements in the progress menu. It is important that you do not lose track of your main gameplay strategy while chasing these achievements because then you will not be able to create a balanced style of play. Just go with the flow and keep a track of your progress because it will be very hard for you to gain many of the achievements at earlier levels and you will lose valuable time and effort trying to achieve these unnecessary milestones. You should also focus on gaining coins through normal paths and save the claiming of achievements for when you are in real need of an influx into your balance. Claiming all the saved achievements at once will help make sure that you have a lot of coins available and this could possibly make a difference for defeating the enemy rival bosses or clearing a particularly difficult mission.

In addition to achievements, you as a trainer get the ultimate reward when your Nexomon evolve into different and much more powerful versions of themselves. These Nexo Evolutions as they are called increase both the health points and basic stats of your Nexomon as well as giving them the ability to learn new moves for you to use in battle. These evolved Nexomon are bigger in size and strength and therefore much harder for an enemy to take down in battle. However, some trainers choose to hold off on the default evolution timings because some special moves can be learned in this manner but as a beginner, it is advisable to stick with the default evolution timings to get the

most out of every Nexomon on your team.


This is a complete guide for Nexomon. This guide provides you the tips for playing Nexomon, such as choosing a suitable starter Nexomon, Nexo evolutions and so forth. In Nexomon, you can catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Also, assembling the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey!

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