Guide: Human: Fall Flat

Last Update: September 25 2018 22:09:18

Level 1. Mansion

You fell from heaven, go to the yellow-gray object and hold down the left mouse button to keep it. You hold the left mouse button and see video.

There is a many consoles in the game. You can use them to find different clues.


Go the door and pass through it without. Climb the stairs and see a metal door and the red button. Click the left mouse button to click on it and open the door.

Go through the door and you can read more tips on one console. Go to the other door, tilt the screen, first down, and then - up, simultaneously press the left mouse button to activate both keys and open the door.

Go further and click simultaneously on two red buttons at the same height. Press and hold the left mouse button so that the left hand of a character activated the left button. Next, try to click on the right mouse button to the right hand of the character and the second button activated. The door is open. Go through them to fall to the next level.

Level 2. Train

You see the big train. There is a yellow container on the right side. Walk up to it and just push to the side. You can grab, hold down the left or right mouse button, and then go in the opposite direction. Anyway, you have to move the container and you find the door behind it.

Go through the door and see two low wagons. Move one that is further away from the door. Next, move the second wagon. Go through that door.

There are two wagons in the next part of the location. First, you need to move, which is located at the bottom, close to the wall. Then climb up on it. You need lower the camera to look from the bottom-up, hold down the left mouse button to make your character grabbed the upper part of the car, and then press the SPACE key. Go to the wall and move to the second wagon (you have to stand between the wall and this wagon). Now push the car to the side to allow access to the other door.

Level 2. Train 2

There is a high-wagon container in the next room. You need to get to the door with the red button. Don’t move the wagon, jump on it. Make it simple. You stand in the center of the wagon, face to the wall. Approach to it and hold the left or right mouse button (can be both). So your man will clutch at the wall. Then hold down the A, to run to the left and push the car right to the ledge with the door. If you do everything correctly, you will be able to pass through the door, and behind them - the other.

The last part of the level will require you to virtually the same actions. Climb the stairs and go to the next wagon. Then use the column to hold on to their arms, and themselves run to the right side, press D. The car will move to the left side. Go to another car, then - on the third. Run and jump to the fourth car, where you can move on to the landing and climb the steps above. Open the door and drop down. 

Level 3. Load

The first three rooms are quite simple. It is best to carry with two hands the wooden box. So you can pick it up as high as possible. Set in the first two rooms the wooden box on the black button on the floor to open the passage further. In the third room you need do the same things, but at the same time take advantage of the lift. Press the red button to lower it. Together with the box stand on the lift and press the red button on the other, to climb up. Move the wooden box on the button and go next.

The fourth room will be the last. Jump down, call the lift and drag it to the wooden box. Go up. Jump on the wagon, keep the wall and push it closer to the ledge. Further, go on the wagon with this box. Then hold on to the wall and push the carriage in the opposite direction, until it stops. Go to the next compartment and set it on the button in the floor. Again, jump down, call the lift and go up. Go through the door to fall down.

Level 4. Mount

First you have to jump over different heights, not go down. Then, see the training video. You need to climb on the small hill. Hold down and hold the left and right mouse buttons. At the same time, lower the camera to look upwards. Through this your character should raise your hands up. Go right up to a small ledge to grab the top of it with both hands. Hold the mouse button, pick up the camera. You will see how your hero climbs up the ledge.

NOTE. You must let go of the left and right mouse button when you see that the hero is almost climbed the hill.

Climb up until you see another prompt (it will need to jump). This time you will learn how to climb up high ledges.

You will find yourself next to the red wagon.

SECRET. Stand with your back to the car and look at the rock on the left. There are several projections along the cliffs. Jump on it to the very end. You find an open passage into the cave. See the two images below!

You will find a flashlight inside the cave. Move it along, to see everything. There are several green glowing cubes in the cave. I find 8 pieces. What they need is not yet known. If you know anything about this, please comment on the article.

Go back to the car and move it closer to the ledge. Climb on the ledge, run-up and jump on the wagon, and then climb on it. From here you climb even higher. Next, you need to jump on the high hills on the other side.

There will be one more car. The railway is broken. Stone lifting is a swing. If you go up to the edge, on the top, then swing tip over to the other side. Run up and jump to the ledge lonely hill. Climb to the top, run up and jump the rails. If you manage to climb up, then push the car over, all the way until you fall off the rails.

If you can’t jump from this side to the car, then do it with the other: swing the stone swings to the other side, run up and jump. Catch up to the ledge on the other side. Climb up to the car and push it all the way to the end of the tracks. Again, use a stone rise to jump on the hill, on the other hand. From here you can jump on the wagon. Go up the stairs and catch up of one of the halves of the door and pull it toward you. Go through the exit door on the right and drop down.

Level 5. Demolition

Rip wooden boards, and then go through the door. Break the glass, use a fire extinguisher. Pull the lever to the right side to move the huge bucket and destroy the wall. Go down through the passage, where it was glass, and then climb over the ruins.

There is a boom excavator on the other side. You need to get over it. Look for a huge object. Grasp it and turn the screen so that the character moves sideways. And then you need to push the object to the edge so that with it to jump on the ball. Climb to the object, run up and jump on the ball and fly down to land on the other side.


Jump and climb inside excavator and then move the lever to the right to destroy the iron ball of another wall. Climb through the ruins and see the locked door on the left side. Here there are bridges. Find a bottleneck and then jump to the wall with the lever. Lower the lever. This lever will drop down one of the bridges. Look at the other bridge. Do you see a yellow support on? Go for it, grab and pull. The bridge is lower, and you have a yellow tube. Go to the other side of the bridge, where there was a lever. Take a yellow tube. Destroy glass with this pipe, behind which there is a button on the floor. Finally, next to the door get a wooden box and drag it to the very button. The door will open - go on.

Pull the yellow support. Next, pull the lever on the right. Red gate will open, but you can’t run because they are also closed. Take one of the yellow pipes and throw it so that it pushes the lever (aim between the wall and the lever). Take a second tube and throw it to the same. The red gate will open

Go on. Ahead there is the moving platform. Pull the lever to move the platform closest to the ledge on the right. Run up and jump on this platform, go for wooden box and move it to platform. Return on the platform back to the lever and tilt it to the left to move the platform to the box to the left. Take the box and put it on the button. Use the platform and jump to the open door.

Climb up the blue scaffolding, and then remove the wooden beam. The door will open. Take one of the stones and hit him several times on the fragile wall to the left of the collapsed scaffolding. You will need to throw a stone wall in 3-4 times.

Go ahead and see the car. Climb up on the rails, stand on a rock with a log and pull it out. The car will destroy another wall.

Go forward and jump diagonally to the left, from the side platforms. Go to the end and climb the narrow beam to the left. Jump with the beam to the ledge on the other side. You climb higher. Push down the iron ball. Open the blue door. There is the transparent glass door on the left side. Go through the right of them, and bring along a wooden box. Drag this box on the raised platform, move it over the fence. Put it on the button to open the red gate.

You have a lever that moves back and forth on the left platform. There is a large yellow object on the other side, the closed door and button in the floor. If you look up, you can see the stairs and ledges, where there is a wooden box on the lever. Move the platform with the lever forward, to the side where the door is. Stop it so that you can jump on it with a metal bar. That is, the beam must be exactly between the platform and a large yellow object. Run up and jump over to the other side.

Climb the stairs, climb up to the platform. Run up and jump to the crossbar. Catch on it; use the keys W and S. Release the mouse button when you will be of the yellow object. Raise your arms up and jump to the stairs, which is located next to the wooden box. The box will fall to you. Move the platform with the lever on the side, set top box and return the platform closer to the door. Jump over the gap, remove the box and place it on the button. Go through the open door.

Look around. You have a lift in the form of two yellow legs and lever. There is the glass on the floor on the left side. You can see one more lever under it. Top left - the red gate, behind which is a way out. Find a metal plate near the lift. You need to put this plate on two yellow legs. Then jump to the left on the metal structure. Climb higher and pull out a yellow beam. Metal pip is free and begins to sway. You throw down the yellow beam to break through the glass on the floor and get to the lever. Pull it. The red will open.

Jump down and stand near the pit with a broken glass so that the watch face to open the exit but be close to the lift. Jump up to catch hold of the pipe. Sway with the keys W, and S. Don’t hold hands. Break the glass, hold hands and fly through the hole.

Train Level Walkthrough

Here in the new level, you will need to put boxes on the switches to ensure that the doors stay open. Get past the first elevator and move the train car to the right side in the second room to bring the box up by using the elevator. Place the box on the train and move it to the left to open the door. Now walk through it to enter the Canyon level.

Canyon Level Walkthrough

All you have to do is to climb up the rocks and the platforms. Once at the top, drag the train to the ledge and climb up. Then use the rope to swing to the opposite area and climb the cliff to move to the Construction Level.

Construction Level Walkthrough

In this stage, smash the wall and grab the extinguisher. Now use it to break the glass and get out. Now move through the debris and use the wrecking ball for going to the other side. Use the same ball to break the wall on the right side of the crane.

Now jump there and use the lever to make a platform. Then break the glass to switch open the next-door prior to pulling the beams from underneath the platform until it becomes a ramp.

Keep the door open using one of the beams and move to the next room. Get to the top and open the door. Next, use a boulder to smash the wall and do the puzzles until you are in the glass floor room.

Now use the red plank on the forklift to get to the top of the platform. Then drop the yellow beam to break the glass. Now open the door by flipping the lever to get to the next level.

Castle Level Walkthrough

Use the plank to wedge the broken lock in the bars and then use the catapult to break down the castle walls. Now move inside and push the cart with the stone block to the stairs.

Climb up and hop on to take the stone with you. Get to the top of the roof and then use the lanterns to get to the other side. Open the door and drag the cart to the planks.

Now move to the segment with the hook and use it to get to the other side. Use the same hook to pull down the plank which will create a ramp. Now go to the top and climb the wall. Now move across the bridge before you swing using a lantern. Now use the windmill to go to the next island. Then go to the top and uncover the hole.

When you fall down the hole, climb up the rocks and push the boulder down to knock a ledge for you to climb up. The platform on to the next area and catapult yourself to the bridge. Then hang onto the bridge so it drags down before you use the catapult to shoot yourself through the small hole in the gate.

Water Level Walkthrough

Get to the speedboat on the island and then go to the top of the mountain. Use the lever to lift it up and attach the chain which is attached to the dam to the lift.

Now press the lever again so the dam will break apart and you can use the raft to get down the mountain. Activate the windmill and then get inside the speedboat to go to the last level.

Power Plant Level Walkthrough

Plug the cords from the first room in their sockets in the second room. Then plug the battery cords in the third room. Now unplug the battery and take it to the fourth room. Push it onto the switch to open the door. Now climb up the wall and jump on the platform. Now use the box to open the door.

In the next room, use the forklift to raise the door. Climb over the wall to skip a large part of the game. Then drive the truck to the second Power Plant’s back lot. Use the torch found near the thriller pillars to light the three tanks which have the coal.

You are almost done now, go back to the coal line and fill the dump truck with coal. Take it back to the three tanks and fill them up until they overload.

This will power up the fans inside of the pillars which will blast you to the top of the pillars. Now jump across the pillars until you get to the final one. Move inside this pillar to end the game for good.

Human: Fall Flat

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