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My Summer Car

My Summer Car is a game currently in development by the Amistech team, with help of the community in a form of testers, people that do character voices and those that give ideas and suggestions as the game is still in Early Access on Steam.

The game takes place in the Finnish countryside. You play as a 19 year old male whose main goal is to assemble a taken apart, rusty old Satsuma, the in-game equivalent to a Datsun 100A that came out of use for the family and spent it's last years in the garage, and make it pass the inspection. While doing so, the player must manage their bodily needs and acquire money to pay for food, electricity, fuel and even performance and visual upgrades later for the car. In order to make money, the player has to do different jobs like pumping septic tanks, delivering wrecked cars, brewing kilju or doing vandalism.


  • Airfield
  • Cottage
  • Dance pavilion
  • Dirt track
  • Firewood guy's house
  • Fleetari Repair Shop
  • Grain processing plant
  • Graveyard
  • Home
  • Island

Fleetari Repair Shop

Teimo's Shop

Lindell inspection shop

Wastewater treatment plant

Radio mast


Jokke's new house

Ventti house


The map found in the player's home above the telephone table shows the area surrounding lake Peräjärvi (lit. end/bottom/rear lake) in the (fictional) municipality of Alivieska. The map covers an area of about 4.2 × 3.3 kilometres. The map is from 1989 so it's at least six years old in game. Note that in the above map, the save location at the drunk guy's house has been removed and no longer exists in the current version.

Map markings
On the map, red lines are paved roads while dark red lines are unpaved roads (dirt roads). Yellow areas are farm fields and the large brownish area to the east of the lake is marsh. Gray areas are gravel pits. Blank white areas are generally inaccessible forested areas.

Activities in My Summer Car

  • Emptying septic tanks
  • Chopping firewood and delivering
  • Driving a drunk neighbour home
  • Building, tuning and upgrading your car
  • Drag racing on the Airfield
  • Rally Racing on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Managing your bodily needs
  • Slot machine gambling
  • Watching TV or listening to the Radio
  • Hauling wrecked cars for Fleetari
  • Vandalism
  • Drunk Driving
  • Dying
  • Brewing kilju and delivering it to a drunk neighbor
  • Hanging out at the pub
  • Getting chased by the police
  • Racing the yellow car
  • Bathing in Sauna
  • Boating

Residents of Alivieska

In addition to the player, shopkeeper Teimo, mechanic Fleetari, the car inspector Lindell and the bus driver, there are some other people who live in Alivieska:

  • The Kesseli family, who own the septic truck and the van. According to the note on the fridge, the owner of the van is player's uncle, so the player is related to the Kesseli family. In Kesselinperä near player's home there are two mailboxes, one with player's surname and one with Kesseli name.
  • Jokke, the Drunk Guy who calls for a ride.
  • The two drunk guys who spend their nights at Pub Nappo, discussing about random things, mostly about sausage factory which fired many workers.
  • The Firewood Guy.
  • The guy who lives in Loppe, in a red house with a pitched roof. He's very thankful.
  • Another guy who lives in Loppe, in a red flat roof house opposite of the car repair shop. He has a boy, Samppa who makes the job call to the player but is not seen or heard anywhere else.
  • Samppa, a boy who calls the player to empty the septic tank, when his dad is drunk.
  • The guy who lives in a yellow house with a septic tank in Peräjärvi. His dialect sounds like he's from the southwest coast of Finland.
  • The guy who lives in a red house with a septic tank in Peräjärvi. It seems that he thinks the whole septic tank emptying business is rather bothersome and wants everybody to just continue with their lives.
  • The guy who has a house with a septic tank, to the south of the firewood guy. He speaks with a low rough voice and wants his septic tank emptied immediately. He has a kind of a southwestern dialect.
  • Pena, the guy who drives around the dirt roads in a small green car.
  • Nine policemen (two with a radar, two taking breathalyser tests, four in two police cars and one walking around Peräjärvi)
  • Log truck driver (Not in the game anymore)
  • Beer truck driver
  • Jani, the driver of the yellow car
  • Sirkka, the player character's grandmother
  • The office worker at the wastewater treatment plant
  • The person watching over the strawberry field
  • Yellow van driver
  • Other small car drivers
  • Two guys (in addition to Fleetari) who are organising the rally
  • A guy who owns the Rykipohja air strip. He also shows the player's stats after a drag run.
  • Pedestrians who currently only serve as an AI test can be found walking around Alivieska.
  • The strange ventti dealer
  • A lot of random people all around the backroads (during the rally)

Driveable vehicles


Satsuma is a small Japanese car, based on the Datsun 100A/Nissan Cherry E10. This is the car the main character has to assemble. The Satsuma is equipped with a 1.0L (988 cc) inline four cylinder gasoline engine, with a four-speed manual transmission.


Kekmet is a tractor owned by the player. It can be found at the woodshed by the player's house. Its main use is to deliver firewood to the firewood guy by using the trailer, but it can be used to tow junk cars as well, and its front lift can be used to lift the Satsuma for easy access to the undercarriage. It is based on a Valmet 502.


Hayosiko is a van modelled after a 2nd generation Toyota HiAce. It is owned by the uncle of the main protagonist. It's very rusty, creates a healthy amount of diesel fumes and has a very soft suspension, probably meaning that it was used for many years of hard work.


Gifu is a vacuum truck that the player's uncle owns and the player can use for septic tank pumping jobs. It's diesel powered and has three axles. At the start of the game it's located at the player's home, near the shed with the firewood chopping block, tractor, and flatbed. It is based on a Sisu M-series truck.


Ferndale is an American muscle car parked outside Fleetari Repair Shop. The car shows some resemblance to a 6th generation, early 70's Dodge Coronet. Fleetari, the repair shop owner offers the player to borrow it when they leave their Satsuma there for service. Unlike the other driveable cars in the game, Ferndale is equipped with an automatic transmission.


The boat (Tarja) is a water vehicle docked in Kesselinperä with an outboard engine. The name "Tarja" denotes the engine and is a joke on the Finnish outboard engine "Terhi" (made by Valmet) which are both female names. The boat uses two stroke fuel and is the cheapest, safest and probably fastest way to Teimo's Shop.

Jonnez ES

Jonnez ES is a moped modelled after the Suzuki PV 50. It has a top speed of 75 km/h and has only 4 gears. It is equipped with a 50cc two-stroke engine and runs off two stroke fuel, which can be bought at Teimo's Shop. The name comes from the Finnish term "mopojonne", which means a teenager who drives a moped and drinks energy drinks.


Ruscko is a vehicle which can be found inside a shed at the ventti house. It is based off a Škoda Octavia Combi from the 1960s. The keys for it must be won by playing ventti, after the player exceeds the 4,050 mk bet. The player has to risk Satsuma to win this car. It can also be started by using a screwdriver from either the spanner or ratchet set.

Non-driveable vehicles

Police Pölsa

The police variants of the Pölsa are non-driveable vehicles that appear at police checkpoints on the highway. Failing to stop at a checkpoint will cause both of the cars to chase the player until; the player stops and pays the fine, the player manages to escape, or the player dies.

Techno Victra

The techno Victra is a bright green Opel / Vauxhall Vectra A. This vehicle is reckless and will overtake anything going slower than it. This may result in the player coming into contact with the car and thus resulting in the player's death or the death of their beloved Satsuma.


The trailer can be found in front of the woodshed near the player's house. Its main purpose is to deliver firewood to the firewood guy at his house. The trailer can hold 104 pieces of firewood, and can only be attached to Kekmet.

Pena's Fittan

Pena's Fittan is based on the Fiat/Seat 133. It has custom wheels, a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma sound and has a door which you can open and a seat in which you can enter "Passenger Mode". The driver of the car is called Pena. It is possible to take a lift from Pena just by opening the door and getting into passenger mode.

Wrecked cars

There are three wrecked cars that can be delivered to Fleetari for money: a body of a Ford Model T, a 1st generation Pontiac Firebird, and a 5th generation Ford Fairlane. It is advisable to use Gifu to tow the cars. Kekmet can also tow them, but has a slower towing top speed.


Ricochet is a vehicle mode

lled after a Toyota Carina 1600 ST with a front/rear bumper delete, black stripes, a front air dam, rear window louvers, and a large spoiler, with "Gommer Gobra RallyE" rims and a zebra styled interior, similar to some of the modifications the player can purchase for their Satsuma. It can be seen outside Teimo's Shop.


The train is a VR (Valtionrautatiet, which translates to "Government's railways") class Dr13 (made between 1962–1965) with three blue passenger coaches. It can reach speeds up to 140 km/h. Specifically, based on the number on front, it appears to be based on VR Dr13 locomotive 2335.


Svoboda (meaning "freedom" in many Slavic languages) is a vehicle based off the Škoda 120, and has a rusted, beaten up appearance. It has a checkered roof, a black hood, a red spoiler, a leopard themed interior and black rear rims. Svoboda has a 5-Speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive. Triggering Svoboda to race is the same as with Ricochet. The same goes for the path and performance.


The bus is an NPC-driven vehicle which travels in a clockwise direction around the highway, and stops regularly at the bus stop in front of Teimo's Shop. It costs 25 mk to get on the bus. The bus drives at fairly slow speeds, slower than most cars seen on the highway. There are buttons above each seat to stop the bus if the player wants to get out at the next bus station.

Highway traffic

Beer lorry

The beer lorry variant of the Gifu is a non-driveable vehicle that can be seen driving clockwise on the highway. It is based on a Finnish Sisu M-series truck (specifically an M-162), and the name references the logo design of the Finnish Sisu candy.


The red Fittan is a non-driveable vehicle based on the Fiat/Seat 133 which can be seen driving clockwise around the highway. It has custom wheels, sounds like a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma, and has a green passenger-side door despite the rest of the car being red. A wrecked fittan can be found at Fleetari Repair Shop.


Victras are non-driveable vehicles that can be seen around alivieska, most notably on the highway. They are based on the Opel / Vauxhall Vectra A.


The white Pölsa is a non-driveable vehicle that can be seen driving around the highway. It is based on the first generation Saab 900, the non-convertible version, produced from 1978 to 1993.


The yellow Hayosiko is a non-driveable vehicle based on the 2nd generation Toyota HiAce which can be seen driving counter-clockwise around the highway.

Food and drink

There are several food and drink items the player can consume, mainly in order to keep their hunger and thirst in check. Eating food decreases hunger but increases thirst. Drinking decreases thirst but increases urine. Most food items can be bought from Teimo's Shop or Pub Nappo.

e bought from Teimo's Shop or Pub Nappo.

FoodSourceAttribute changes
Macaron boxTeimo's Shop11.95 mk
THIRST +24.7%
PikeFish trap
HUNGER -49.4%
PizzaTeimo's Shop9.95 mk
HUNGER -49.4%
THIRST +22.2%
Potato chipsTeimo's Shop14.95 mk
HUNGER -88.9%
THIRST +60.5%
SausagesTeimo's Shop10.95 mk
HUNGER -100%
THIRST +12.3%
Sausage with friesPub Nappo25 mk
HUNGER -100%
THIRST +33.3%
DrinkSourceAttribute changes
BeerPub Nappo
Teimo's Shop
149/24 mk
URINE +7.4%
HUNGER -3.7%
THIRST -32.1%
(See article)
URINE +12.3%
HUNGER -3.7%
THIRST -32.1%
CoffeePub Nappomk
URINE +3.7%
HUNGER -2.5%
THIRST -2.5%
FATIGUE -12.3%
JuiceTeimo's Shop12.95 mk
URINE +11.1%
HUNGER -17.3%
THIRST +4.9%
MilkTeimo's Shop5.5 mk
URINE +8.6%
HUNGER -23.5%
THIRST -23.5%
Vodka shotPub Nappo30 mk
URINE +3.7%
THIRST -7.4%
URINE +100%
THIRST -100%
TraySourceAttribute changes
URINE +2.5%
THIRST -100%
Pea soup
HUNGER -75.3%
HUNGER -23.5%


The player's home is located in the Kesselinperä area. The home address is Kesselinperäntie 3 and the postal code is 62362 Alivieska. The postal code isn't valid, but it points to somewhere in Ostrobothnia.

As of the 19 December 2016 update, some weird behaviour can be seen at night. It is possible to see the door to the laundry randomly opening from time to time. The door to the player's parents bedroom can also open when watching the night TV. This has been confirmed to be a bug by the developer

The following things can be found in, or near the home:

  • Dad's old car or the project car, Satsuma.
  • Uncle's van, Hayosiko.
  • A moped, Jonnez ES.
  • A note on the fridge.
  • The garage, which contains all the parts for assembling the Satsuma (excluding the fan belt). The player can also find the tool box, sledgehammer, flashlight, gasoline jerrycan, and car jack here.
  • The phone, for answering calls, like requests to empty septic tanks or delivering firewood. Picking up the phone during a thunderstorm can kill the player.
  • A Finland-shaped clock mounted on the kitchen wall, for checking the time.
  • A toilet, for saving the game – Reduces your urine need.
  • A bed, for sleeping – Reduces fatigue.
  • A basketball, for passing time.
  • A radio, for listening to music.
  • A TV that airs a program every day from 10am to 10pm. From 10pm to 10am the TV shows a test pattern. Watching it greatly increases fatigue.
  • A sauna – Reduces stress.
  • A shower – Reduces dirtiness.
  • The Amis Auto magazine where the player can order aftermarket car parts for their Satsuma.
  • Two faucets, one in the kitchen and another in the shower. It is possible to drink from the faucets and thus reduce thirst.
  • A refrigerator in the kitchen where it's possible (but not necessary) to store food and drink items.
  • A pantry with shelves where the player can store food or other items.

My Summer Car

This is app is Guide for My Summer Car. My Summer Car is a game currently in development by the Amistech team, with help of the community in a form of testers. This guide tells you the necessary information that you need in playing My Summer Car, such as the map, locations, vehicles and so forth.

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