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You’ve stayed in this dump long enough, it’s time to get out.

As soon as you are released from your cell (sometimes, the door is automatically open or you spawn in the cafeteria) you’ll want to head for the yard and follow the path to your right until you come up to a fuse box. You’ll want to punch this with your fists, once you punch it for a certain amount of time, the gate will open and you can escape. Don’t worry, it won’t give you an electric shock and kill you. Be careful when you do this as the guards can hear you punching the fuse box and if they come over to you, they’ll throw you back in your cell.

Once through the gate, you’ll want to crawl under this gap in the fence and once you do, you’ll want to rush over to the main gates where the security booth is. If you look in between the right main gate and the watch tower, you’ll see that someone has dug a sweet little hole for you to crawl through, how thoughtful. You then crawl under the gap and once you do, you’re out of the Shaw’shag’ Redemption Centre! It’s not the actual name for the prison, just thought of it myself lol.


This is the alternate way of getting out of the prison. Once out of your cell or whatever, go to the yard but this time, go straight forward into the playing field and a chopper sometimes lands in there. Get in and get the hell out of there. Be careful as cops may try and chase you in a chopper of their own or maybe follow you on ground or both of whichever. Once you’ve flown out of prison, you’ll mostly be taken to the criminal base or hideout. (the hideout is next to some train tracks. Keep following the tracks and you’ll get there! It’s just before a tunnel.)


Now that you’re free from prison, you’re gonna need some wheels, Find any car and drive over to the criminal hideout near the train tracks. Follow the train tracks and eventually you’ll see it. Once there, get loaded up. There are only a few weapons in this game at the moment but bear in mind this is NOT a finished game so more weapons and content will come eventually.

The weapons available are:

Tazer (Cop team only however can be obtained by searching draws in prison cells as Prisoner/Criminal but a chance of that is Rare)

Shotgun (Criminal and Cop)

Pistol (Criminal and Cop)

Riot Shield (Cop team only but can be obtained the same way as the Tazer mentioned above)

Assault Rifle (Criminal and Cop) (SWAT Game Pass required)

*NEW* AK-47 (Criminal and Cop) Unlike the Assault Rifle, a game pass is not required and can be found at the shooting range near the donuts store. It can not be found anywhere else.

When you approach the criminal hideout, go into the garage and you’ll see a shotgun and pistol on the table. Take them and change out of that sweaty prison jumpsuit!

Alrighty then, loaded up and out of the prison jumpsuit? Good, now the next task is optional but it is needed to rob the bank however you can do it with another criminal who has a keycard. Your gonna want to head over to the bank. (You’ll notice it by the tall building labelled BANK and the interior with lights either on or off)

Be careful when camping outside the bank unless you’re with a large group of criminals as there may be multiple cops or even worse; TWAT teams (hahaha.. funny joke!) but for real there actually might be multiple forces of SWAT and cops all together and if you just happen to be a small group or alone, you might just get a trip back home. (to your cell of course)


Uh oh! They’re onto you buddy! Hope you have a gun on you cos you’re gonna need it!

The first thing cops mainly do is they’ll attempt to taze you and arrest you but you can easily make that hard for them by messing up their aim by jumping all over the place like some adrenaline fulled Super Mario while spraying him with bullets. Make sure to jump the moment he fires the tazer as the tazer takes some time to reload so use this advantage to shoot that pig in da faise! If you misjudge it, you’ll be stunned for a few seconds so make sure to rapidly tap A (yes this is on the XBOX ONE version of ROBLOX) or Space Bar to get up the moment you recover or the cop will arrest you and send you back to.. you know, or you might get lucky and slip out of his grasp. make sure you are tazed at a medium-far distance so you have more time to recover before the cop slams the cuffs on you.


It’s time to make your first get rich scheme come true so let’s hop to it!

The first thing you’ll wanna do is camp outside the bank (recommended with a group of 5 or more as cops will try to kill campers and prevent them from breaking in as soon as the lights turn on) You also need to know that you can only rob the bank IF the lights are on. Once a robbery is foiled by the police or successfully goes to plan by the criminals, there is a long cooldown period to prevent overrobbing. You can also use the keycard if you’ve got one to break in through the back door.  (The back door is at the left side of the bank)


The bank has just opened but the sad thing for them is; it’s about to get looted clean by a bunch of badass criminals. The police are aware of this dastardly plan and immediately rush to the scene to try and stop the robbery before it’s too late.

Key points to notice:

  • Cops/SWAT can enter the bank and attempt to foil the heist so be careful and make sure you have a Shotgun/Assault Rifle and Pistol as there can be conflicts below at the vault.
  • If any cop walks into the vault, all criminals involved in the heist will be arrested and escorted back to jail.
  • Robberies are sometimes super quick and can be done ninja style (a few of which i have done without a gun)
  • Once all criminals involved exit the bank, they are awarded the money they looted unless they didn’t get a chance.

There are a lot of unique and useful vehicles to buy throughout the game so save up that dough!


To be seen as a dangerous motherfucker. You’re gonna want to step up your notoriety.

The Bounty System is basically the wanted level system of the game. (As this is the future of Grand Theft Auto in Roblox) As you kill more cops and rob the bank, your wanted level with increase by a few 300 dollars, the more you get, the more likely you’ll be hunted down by other cops. There is also a Most Wanted board in the prison or police station at the top of the hill leading straight on from the Bank. It will portray the top 6 most wanted criminals of the server leading with the most amount of Bounty. There is also a game series on Roblox called Ultimate Driving by TwentyTwoPilots (an obvious reference to twenty one pilots) which Bounty System works on the same level.

Things to remember about the Wanted Level/Bounty System in the game:

  • The more chaos you cause: (e.g. rob the Bank/Jewellery Store kill cops) the more your Bounty will rise.
  • If you get arrested by a cop, that cop who arrested you will earn your Bounty and your Bounty will reset.
  • Your Bounty level can go over $1,000, Holy moly, that’s L. O. D. S. of E. M. O. N. E. WAZ TAHT SPELL?! LODES A MONEYY!
  • Your Bounty cannot be obtained by a cop if said cop kills you, you must be arrested in order for the cop to claim the Bounty. If you are killed, your Bounty will not reset.


The handcuffs are the main tools you need to send a criminal all the way back to jail.

Once equipped, going up to a prisoner or criminal and clicking on them will have the cuffs slammed on them and they will be put back in their respectful place.

The guns i basically don’t need to introduce you to as you pretty much already know how to use one.

Now onto the main part of the guide!


Being a cop can be quite a challenge, especially with all those freakin’ criminals running amok. So here’s what you need to know about being a respectful servant of the law!

The Prison Guard

Being a prison guard keeping all of the prisoners in order is quite a tough challenge however you need to be on your guard for potential escapees. Prisoners can also pickpocket you to get a Keycard. (as a cop you have unlimited keycards so don’t worry about losing any)

If any prisoners pull any sudden or violent moves such as punching you or other prisoners/guards, you are able to legally arrest them or use deadly force. This also applies for any other prisoner who is in a restricted area (e.g. police room, tower, keycard locked area.etc) or trying to escape through the gates where the fuse box must be punched to escape. If any prisoner punches the fuse box even once, they can be legally killed/arrested.

The Cop

Being a cop outside of prison is pretty simple, you can just kill/arrest any prisoner without fear of getting penalised and/or booted onto the prisoner team.


These guys are to be considered armed and well dangerous, approach and apprehend  these suspects at your own discretion! Recommend an additional copmate for this unless you’re a ninja cop like me!

The Most Wanted board behind the guy there as stated in my Criminal Guide portrays the servers most wanted suspects, if you manage to apprehend one of these, you’ll be given a great reward of.. (the amount of bounty that was listed below the suspects name will be awarded to you, however you cannot obtain a bounty if you kill the suspect, you must arrest them in order to claim it.)

Roblox JailBreak

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