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Last Update: July 11 2018 16:07:54

Use Driver Ability

Remember that your driver ability can only be used once a race. Early in the game, that’s not an issue, and you can probably use it as soon as it seems helpful. Later, you’ll get into longer, multi-lap races, and you’ll want to save it for when the hour is darkest, like it was the Matrix of Leadership in Transformers: The Movie.

Smash whatever you can until the race ends

There are achievements for running into stuff. Usually, you want to avoid smashing into things, as it slows you down. But the game has cumulative awards for smashing things like seagulls and plam trees, so if you can already tell that you’re not going to finish in the money, it might be a good time to just smash whatever you can until the race ends, working toward some precious Gems.

Pick up some extra coins

You can, and probably should, replay races you’ve already beaten. Beach Buggy Racing isn’t the kind of game that requires excessive grinding, but it’s quite possible that just going through all of the races in a series won’t leave you with a car fast enough to win the boss race. There’s no shame in replaying some earlier races, even those for which you’ve earned three stars, to pick up some extra coins.

Top Speed is always the best upgrade

When in doubt, Top Speed is always the best upgrade. Self-explanatory? Maybe a little. You’ll actually want a well-balanced buggy to drive, so all of the attributes are important, but in a game when there are many ways to fall behind, you need the raw speed to catch back up to the pack.

Don’t be afraid to burn

Don’t be afraid to burn through power-ups that won’t help you in your current race position. For example, the oil slick isn’t much use when you’re in last place, nor is the Firework doing much good when you’re out in front. Just activate useless power-ups as soon as you’re able; that way you’ll free up the space for something you actually want when you hit the next question mark.

hands off the wheel is the way to go

Sometimes, hands off the wheel is the way to go. Several power-ups and driver abilities either spin you around or make it more difficult to steer. The best way to deal with these is just to avoid steering at all, if you’re in a part of the course that allows it, and wait for the negative effects to wear off. Slowing down to a crawl might even be an option if it keeps you from zooming out of bounds or off in the wrong direction.

Save the shield for the end

Save that shield for the end. The Basic Shield is a great tool when you’re in the lead, especially since the AI drivers love to snipe you with power-ups just as the finish line is in sight. If possible, save your shield for the very last portion of the final lap. It’ll save you from heartbreak.

The Grease Monkey

The Grease Monkey isn’t a horrible proposition. It’s usually a bad deal to spend premium currency on a temporary boost in any mobile game, but there are enough ways to earn Gems in Beach Buggy Racing that the extra oomph you get from the Grease Monkey could be worth it. Consider his services if there’s a boss you can’t seem to beat.

The premium option

There’s a premium option that disable all ads and gives you unlimited tickets. Obviously, that means it’s no longer a free-to-play game, but if you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you can have a totally different experience. It’s up to you whether ot not it’s worth it.

Powerup Lottery

When you collect a powerup out on the track, you usually have no control over what you get. However, if you keep a close eye on the powerup selector just after you’ve picked one up, you’ll see it spinning through all the available powerups. If you tap it whilst it’s still spinning you can stop it on the one you want, but only if you have lightning fast reflexes!

beach buggy racing

This is a guide app for beach buggy racing. Beach Buggy Racing is a 3D racing game in pure Mario Kart style where players drive a buggy through different settings like beaches, towns, deserts, and even jungles. Our guide for Beach Buggy Racing will give you a helping hand to reach the end of the game and beat the bosses in the shortest time possible. Download this beach buggy racing guide and get ready!

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