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Welcome to Bullworth

Mommy Dearest just dumped you on the doorstep of Bullworth Academy. She'll be on her fifth honeymoon for the next year so don't expect to hear from her anytime soon. Eh, who needs her?

After a quick chat with Crabblesnitch's oversexed secretary Mrs. Danvers, you're let into the school grounds and instructed to visit the headmaster in the main school building. As there is no clock at this early point in the game, now would be a great time to explore the campus and get the lay of the land. Jimmy spends the entire first chapter confined to campus so knowing where everything is will be most helpful. Pick up any Rubber Bands and G&G Cardsyou find, fight with students, run from prefects and get a good feel for what you can and can't do. You won't go to detention no matter how many times you're busted so feel free to cut loose and do what you want. When you've had your fun, drop by the principal's office at the top of the stairs in the main school building to have a chat with Crabblesnitch.

There -- you've talked to him and completed your first mission. Proud of yourself? Well, the year's just begun young Mr. Hopkins...

This Is Your School

On your way to the Boys' Dorm you'll be ambushed by a pack of bullies. Don't panic, it's just a fighting tutorial. Follow the onscreen prompts to learn the finer points of thumping your classmates. When you're done, enter the dorm.

Meet Gary, the most ADD-afflicted and sociopathic personality in all of Bullworth. He offers to be your friend and take you on a guided tour of the campus. Isn't that sweet? As you follow Gary around you'll learn how to replenish your health by buying Soda from the vending machine, changing your clothes in your room (no need to shut the door, we're all adults here), bribing Russell to keep him from beating the tar out of you, breaking into lockers, avoiding prefects, and running errands for needy classmates like poor, chocolate-deprived Eunice. The tour ends in the cafeteria where Gary introduces you to the various student cliques: nerds, preppies, jocks, bullies, and greasers.

Oops! There's the bell -- time for class!

Get To Class

You'll notice there is now a clock in the upper left corner of the screen. Classes, missions, and events all happen at different times so keep a wary eye on the clock.

Chemistry is your first class followed by English after lunch. You are awarded various stat boosts and items for the successful completion of classes so it's always a good idea to save your game in the principal's office right before each class so you can redo it if you make a boo-boo. (The office save book won't show up until after your first class so use the one in your dorm if you must.) Passing all your classes early in the game will make school life easier so hit those books! Consult the Classes portion of this walkthrough if you need help.

After the day's lessons, meet Principal Crabblesnitch outside the main school building to begin your next mission.

The Setup
Time Available: 8a -- 7p

After an enlightening chat with the principal, some snot-nosed little punk named Davis pops you with a slingshot projectile. Doesn't he know you can put someone's eye out with those things? Better politely inform him of the mortal danger a slingshot poses to school kids by chasing him down and punching him in the nose. If he gives you the slip, glance up at your radar to locate him. He'll be the Yellow X.

Follow him to the auto shop area where you'll be ambushed by another bully. Simply grab the troublemaker and stuff him in a nearby trash bin. Once he's out of your hair, open the auto shop gate by standing in the Yellow Circle and repeatedly pressing the indicated Action Button.

You'll face a few more bullies as you make your way through the area. Beat them up and move on. You'll find Davis perched on top of a pile of junk and out of your reach so you'll have to rely on projectile attacks to take care of him. If you passed Chemistry class, you should have some Firecrackers. If not, there are a few bricks and trashcan lids littering the ground that you can chuck at him. Trashcan Lids work the best because they double as a shield. Simply block his attack with the lid then immediately chuck it at him like a Frisbee. A few hits are all it will take to knock Davis down. Congratulations! The Slingshot is now yours!


Last Minute Shopping
Time Available: 8a -- 7p

Principal Crabblesnitch thinks it would be a grand idea for you to journey to the cafeteria and help out the cook. You know, teach you some humility and round out your character and such. You'll find Edna in the kitchen flavoring the food with big, gooey globs of her own mucus. Chat her up and she'll lend you her Bike so you can go to town and pick up some things for her.

This is a timed mission so make haste. Her Bike is right outside the front gate of the school. Hope on and pedal into town. Keep an eye on the radar and check your map if you get lost.

Your first stop is the Yum Yum Market to pick up some Meat. It's just sitting there on the table and it's free. Suspicious? You should be. Don't eat it, just grab it and go across the street to the Happy Mullet barbershop. Inside you'll find Edna's Razor. One more stop to make.

The next block over is Worn In, the used clothing store where you're to pick up Edna's Under Garments. Exit the store and bus back to school if you're short on time. Don't worry about ditching Edna's Bike. She probably doesn't use it much.

Return to the cafeteria with the requested items to complete the mission and nab yourself $15.

Hattrick VS. Galloway
Time Available: 8a -- 6:30p

It's another collectathon for you, Errand Boy. Mr. Hattrick is going to get your English teacher fired for drinking on the job if you don't recover and dispose of the evidence first. Locate all three Bottles of booze Mr. Galloway has hidden around the school.

Head to the cafeteria first. The first Bottle is in the storage area in the back of the kitchen. Don't worry about Edna. She won't bother you.

The remaining Bottles are upstairs. One is in a stall in the girls' bathroom and the other is hidden in the trophy case by the principal's office. Just break the glass to get to it. Remember, trespassing in the girls' loo and smashing the trophy cases are no-nos so be mindful of teachers and prefects who're just looking for an excuse to bust you.

Once you have all three Bottles, take them to Ms. Phillips out by the old school bus. The sexy Art teacher is the only other person who knows about Mr. Galloway's problem. She'll dispose of the evidence by giving it to the hobo. Ms. Phillips thanks you for helping out her colleague by rewarding you with a Camera. Yay! Now you can take Photography class!

Prep Challenge
Time Available: 8a -- 1a

The preppies, suitably impressed by your victory over Russell, have invited you to spar with them at the Old Bullworth Vale Gym. Check your map and head on over.

A poster in the back by the soda machine reveals a boxing competition with a million dollar home in the Vale as the grand prize. Sound nice? Sure it does. Guarantee your victory by building up muscle in the boxing challenges first. They are available after 3:30p right next to the boxing ring.

Your first opponent is Chad. He sucks. Block his love taps. When he crouches to deliver an uppercut, start punching. He probably won't last one round. Hold the Punch Button when prompted to deliver a knock out blow. Viola! Increased punching power!

Next up is Justin. The strategy is the same but timing is a bit more crucial in this match. Go ahead and land a few blows as soon as he approaches at the start of each round. It's unlikely he'll block them. Beat him for additional punch damage.

Parker is your next opponent. Same pattern once again. He's stronger but still shouldn't pose a problem. Just wait for an opening and stick it to him. Additional punch power is yours when you win.

Bryce is your last opponent. He blocks a lot so don't try for any cheap shots. Just wait until he projects his uppercut and then either start punching right away or dodge and then smack him around. This fight might take a little longer than the others. Be careful with the timing and the last punch power upgrade is yours.

You can now fight one of the preps at random. You won't increase your punching power but you will earn $20 if you win. Now that your punch packs more punch, go ahead and start the Prep Challenge (Red Circle in front of the tournament poster).

Chad is first. He's learned to block this time so just wait till he crouches to start wailing on him.

Justin's up next. It certainly doesn't do a lot to dispel the rumors of preppy inbreeding when all of their fight styles are identical, does it? You know the drill by now. Knock him flat.

Parker's your last opponent. No surprises here. Kick his butt.

The Jimster arises victorious but the preppies are loath to give him a million-dollar home so you'll have to settle for an abandoned beach house. Not a bad deal really. You get a place to sleep, save your game, and a new arcade game to play with.


Christmas Is Here

It's snowing! The ground is covered in white and Christmas decorations adorn the walls. In fact, the first day after you go to bed in Chapter III is Christmas Day so head to the principal's office. You've a package from your mother waiting for you. What could it be? Is the suspense getting to you? No? Well, there's no clock right now and no classes on Christmas so you can go explore the newly opened area of New Coventry if you'd like. Just be careful on that Skateboard buddy; the ground is a bit slick with ice.

Once you're done exploring and throwing snowballs at the kids, head back to Crabblesnitch's office to pick up your present from Mrs. Danvers. It's a stupid sweater that even Petey wouldn't be caught dead wearing. How nice. Head back to your dorm and change if you don't want to hear the heartless taunts of the other school kids.

Nerd Challenge
Time Available: 8a -- 1a

Looking for a new location to call home? Head to the Dragon's Wing Comic shop. Once inside, the store clerk will direct you downstairs where a bunch of the nerds are playing G&G. They challenge you to beat Fatty's high score on the ConSumo arcade machine. Do so and the comic shop basement and everything in it is all yours. This includes a Radio Transistor that you can give to the hobo in exchange for new fighting moves and the Bottle Rocket Launcher. This new projectile weapon has excellent stopping power but can be a little tricky to hit targets with as the slow moving projectiles are occasionally dodged. Still, it's a fun toy and a nice addition to your growing collection.

Tips for mastering ConSumo can be found in the Extracurricular section of this guide.

Cook's Crush
Time Available: 8a -- 5p

Edna's going on a date with Dr. Watts and guess who gets to help her get ready? That's right -- you do you lucky, lucky little boy. She needs you to borrow Ms. Phillips's Perfume from the staff room and then head into town to pick up some Chocolates and Sedatives. Sounds fishy but hey, there's $40 in it for you so get going!

You probably already have chocolates but if you don't you can purchase them from a nerd outside the Sweet Cavity candy store. It will show up as an objective on your radar. First things first though. To the staff room!

Well crap. There are two teachers loitering outside. Pull the fire alarm and watch them scamper away. Walk in and grab the Perfume off the desk. Now you can leave the school and head to town on your Bike. Or Skateboard. Or walk. Who cares? You've got plenty of time.

In town, pick up chocolates if you need them, otherwise head into the alley behind the drug store and kick over the trashcans to find the Sedatives. There's another Radio Transistor in the back of the alley. May as well grab it while you're here.

Head back to Edna with the supplies. Try not to faint when you see her in full make up -- just be happy for the old broad (and say a little prayer for Dr. Watts). Much like Earnest in Chapter I, Edna wants you to watch over her and make sure a group of heckling kids don't ruin her date. She's prepared to offer you an additional $50.


Here's To You Ms. Phillips
Time Available: 3:30p -- 7p

Ah Jiminy, you matchmaker you. That lovable sex pot of an Art teacher Ms. Phillips is going out on a date and it's up to you to make sure she has everything she needs. Get on your Skateboard and head into Bullworth Town (a little easier to steer when there's no snow, huh?). Once you get into town, stop by the bike shop and bike up your Bike. You can pick up Ms. Phillips's Little Red Number from the used clothing store about a block away. Hmm, I would have expected better. Perhaps her skirt isn't real leather?

Head on over to the Vale where you'll find her Purfume in the salon and her Pearls at Aquaberry. Take all the stuff back to Ms. Phillips.

While she's changing, you'll find out whom Ms. Phillips is dating. No, silly boy, it's not you, it's Mr. Galloway. Oh well, you still got $50 and pretty much your pick of any girl on campus.

Deedra and Lionel sitting in a tree...

Stronghold Assault
Time Available: 8a -- 9p

Time to take the jocks down a peg or two. Petey tells you you'll need the nerds' help and to acquire that, you'll need to talk to Earnest. But where is he? There's a couple nerds hanging around outside the library. Ask them nicely about Earnest's whereabouts.

Now ask not nicely. Just don't knock him out. Unconscious nerds can't spill the beans. Oh, he's at the observatory. Why didn't you say so?

Grab the ruler that's lying on the ground, hop the wall into the alley beside the library, and beat the gate code out of Thad. Go through the gate and hop the barricade. Take out the Firecracker chucking nerds from afar with your charged up Slingshot. Hop over the next barricade and repeat. Watch out for the nerd hiding behind the rock on the right. He might sneak up behind you. Keep your eye on the radar so you know where everyone is.

Mosey on into the next area and take out the snipers. Just keep hitting the Lock On Button to locate threats quickly. Soon you'll approach the main gate of the observatory.

Okay, Earnest has been watching too much American Gladiators. Work your way up to the gate using the columns as cover from the Spud Cannon. Move when Earnest stops to reload. Make sure you take out the two nerds by the gate. Once you're directly under the Spud Cannon, Earnest can't hit you. Look to the left of the Cannon and you'll see a transformer with a glowing red light. Hit that with your Slingshot.

The observatory gates are now open. Go inside, run up the stairs to your right and man the Spud Cannon. Time to give the nerds a taste of their own medicine. Concentrate your fire on the observatory's front doors. Nerds will take pot shots at you from windows and the balcony but they don't do a lot of damage. If they're bugging you or your health is low, turn the cannon on them. When the doors buckle under the pressure of potato projectiles, abandon the Cannon and go on in.

Amazingly, Earnest still doesn't want to be your friend. Force him to see the light. Hide behind a column while he shoots his spare Spud Cannon at you. He reloads after four shots. When he does, pop out and shoot the generators behind him. They'll take about three shots each.

When the generators are destroyed the catwalk collapses and Earnest moves to another area. He's lost his Spud Cannon but he has double fistfuls of Firecrackers to hurl at you. Dodge the explosives as best you can and shoot out the two new generators quickly. Get Soda out of the crates lying around if you need it.

Two more generators down and one more catwalk destroyed. Earnest is on his last catwalk but he's found his Spud Cannon again. Hide behind the columns and pop out to shoot the generators when he reloads after every three shots. Destroy the final two generators and Earnest will give up the fight and give you his Spud Cannon.

Galloway Away
Time Available: 8a -- 7p

Apparently Deedra and Lionel's date didn't go as planned. Normally you'd make your move but Ms. Phillips seems to be in love with the hapless drunk who's committed himself to the asylum in order to dry out. Ms. Phillips says she'd take care of him but that meddling Mr. Hattrick convinced asylum personnel that she's a bad influence and not to let her near Galloway. She desperately needs your help. (Oh yeah, she wants you.) Meet her by the front gates of the asylum as soon as you can.

Head to the alley beside the library and go through the gate that leads to the observatory. About halfway down the path is a tunnel entrance. Go through the tunnel, across the path and into another tunnel. You'll emerge next to the asylum's perimeter fence. Follow it to the left to meet Ms. Phillips. She instructs you to infiltrate the asylum and convince Galloway to leave. She'll wait for you right there.

Talking to the guard at the front gate reveals that visiting hours are over so run around the right side to the back. You'll find a tree you can climb to get over the fence. You may be tempted to snipe the patrolling orderlies with you Slingshot but don't. That will fail the mission. This will take a stealthy approach so drop down into the yard and immediately crouch. An inmate will run over to say "hi." Just ignore him. Using the shrubbery as cover, crouch walk your way over to the shed near the front of the yard by the statue. Keep an eye on the radar to help avoid the patrolling orderlies.

Climb up the ladder on the shed to the roof. See the flashing light at the base of the statue? Shoot that with your Slingshot. The lights on the statue will short out and catch fire creating a diversion. Hop off the roof (actually, use the ladder) and crouch walk back to the main building, once again using the bushes for cover. Enter the building when no one's looking.

Make sure you're still crouching so the orderly behind the window in the first room doesn't see you. When he turns away, head into the next room. On the other side of this room is the cell block where Galloway is. He's in the back on the right. There's a bit of commotion on the right side so sneak up the left and circle back to Galloway's cell. Give him a stern talking to and he will agree to leave. You and he will meet up with a grateful Ms. Phillips out front. How grateful? Not enough for a kiss but $60 grateful.

Heh, it's only a matter of time, baby.


Cheating Time
Time Available: 8a -- 7p

You find Mr. Galloway sitting in the school parking lot drinking up a storm again. Tsk tsk. You're not worthy of Ms. Phillips affections you lush. Turns out that Mr. Hattrick, the selfsame teacher who's been giving him guff about his drinking, is selling test answers to students and the hypocrisy of the whole situation is what's driving him to the bottle. If you can gather evidence and convince Crabblesnitch to can Hattrick, perhaps Galloway will quit drinking once and for all. It's worth a shot. After all, you can't allow the buxom, miniskirt wearing Ms. Phillips to date a drunken loser over you. Pride won't allow it!

Follow the radar to the auto shop and climb the ladder to the roof. Stand on the edge and take a picture of the preppy selling tests to the greasers. Climb down the ladder and head to the gym.

Hide in the bleachers above the pool area. Snap a pic of the transaction between the preppy and the jock. Now follow the preppy outside.

Once you're outside, turn right. See the ladder? Climb on up and hop down into the yard on the other side of the fence. You'll see the preppy and Mr. Hattrick off in the distance making an exchange. Zoom in and photograph the last bit of evidence you'll need. Exit the yard by climbing over the fence or use the tree on the opposite end of the yard. Return to the parking lot and you'll find Hattrick trying to convince Crabblesnitch to fire Galloway for drinking on the job. Give the incriminating photos to the principal and he'll fire Hattrick instead. Ha!

Making A Mark
Time Available: 8a -- 11p

You've got all the school's cliques under your thumb. It's now time to make yourself known to the townies and what better way to do that then by defacing a government building?

Pick up some Spray Paint at Yum Yum's if you need to and make your way to Town Hall. Circle around the right side of the building and climb the ladder in the back. Make your way across the roof to the other ladder and continue your ascent. One more ladder and you'll be in a prime location to make your mark. There are three tag locations up here. Make sure you get them all.

When you've finished, you'll want to take a picture of your handiwork for posterity. The cops will be waiting for you by the time you climb back down to the street so do your best to avoid them. Your ever-reliable radar suggests taking the picture of your tag from the fountain. IGN Guides concurs. Snap a shot and run back to the dorm and brag to all your friends.

Uh oh. Petey informs you that all hell has broken loose and everybody hates you now. Ah fame, it's a fleeting thing.

Rats In The Library
Time Available: 8a -- 9p

There are rats infesting the library and the nerds blame you. Why? Who knows but $5 says Gary's behind it.

Inside you'll find the librarian up on a desk, cowering from 20 rats that swarmed out of a delivery crate from Spencer Shipping. Equip your Slingshot and start exterminating. One charged shot per rat will do it. Use the radar if you're having trouble locating the little vermin.

Oh, and while you can pick up and chuck dead rats, please don't. It's unsanitary.


Kudos to you, Jimmy Hopkins. You now have the respect of absolutely everyone and all is right with the world.

But have you obtained 100% completion? No? Get to it you slacker! As the name implies, Chapter VI lasts forever so use the time (and the rest of the sections in this guide) to go back and complete any tasks you may have neglected or collectibles you may have missed.


Time Available: 9a -- 11:30a 
Location: First Floor of the Main School Building 
Teacher: Dr. Watts

Chemistry 1 
Chemistry class is a button pressing minigame. Pictures of different Action Buttons will scroll across the screen from the right side and you must press the correct button as it passes through the target box in the center of the screen. Make one mistake and you'll have to start over. Mess up three times and you'll fail the class.

You're first lesson only uses the controller's Face Buttons. Glance down at the controller before the lesson starts if you're not familiar with the layout. The button order will stay the same for each of your three attempts but it will completely change if you fail the class and come back the next day so there's not much use in trying to memorize it. Pass the class and you'll be able to make Firecrackers with your Chemistry Set back in your dorm room.

Chemistry 2 
Still just the Face Buttons. Pass this class to unlock Stink Bombs from your Chem Set.

Chemistry 3 
This class adds L1 and R1 to the mix. It's getting a little tricky now so saving right before class is a good idea just in case you mess up. Pass the class to unlock Itching Powder from your Chem Set.

Chemistry 4 
Now it gets tough. L2 and R2 are now among the buttons you must press. Good luck. Pass the class and you can produce Bottle Rocket ammo from you Chem Set. You will of course need the Bottle Rocket Launcher to make use of it (pick it up after the Nerd Challenge in Chapter III).

Chemistry 5 
This one moves a little quicker but uses all the same buttons as Chemistry 4. Keep your eye slightly to the right of the target box so you know what buttons are coming up but don't look too far ahead or you'll mess up your timing. Pass the class for the ability to use you Chem Set multiple times per day.


Complete All Paper Route Missions Solo Offline  (3) 
Complete all 5 levels of newspaper delivery. These missions are available after completing the mission "Last Minute Shopping."

As stated, there are 5 missions in which you must deliver papers on you bike. After starting the mission at the store, you first ride to the top of the hill and run over a box to collect your papers. The route is very straightforward. On the map you will see yellow Xs where the mailboxes are, as well as seeing an arrow pointing to them as you ride past. There is no need to stop. As you near the mailbox, pull the , but do not release it. You will see a dark red aiming circle around the mailbox. As soon as the mailbox is targeted, then release the , and the paper should be thrown to its target. You start out with a set number of houses to deliver to, then as you progress through the levels, a few new houses get added on each round.

Also, on the screen, you will see a newspaper with a ring of circles around it. These tiny circles represent how many papers you are carrying. Keep an eye on that, because if you run out of papers (due to missing the mailbox) before you run out of houses, the mission is failed.

***Note: In the final mission, there are 24 houses that you have to deliver to, out of 25 total houses. When looking at your map, you will notice that all of the yellow Xs are in a relatively straight line, except for one house at the top of a hill to the north of where you start. This is the house you can skip. It is out of the way, and will only waste you time.

**You can check how many routes (out of 5) you have completed:**
Start---> Stats---> Activities---> Jobs---> Paper Routes Completed

All Missions Route

Chapter 1 - Making New Friends And Enemies

Any% route w/ 
The Big Prank 
Also grab radio transistor in school basement

Chapter 2 - Rich Kid Blues

Any% route w/
- buying a prep haircut when you buy aquaberry outfit 
- Buying 2 boxes of chocolate when at yum yum mart 
- Small Offenses cutscene after Carnival Date

Chapter 3 - Love Makes The World Go Around

1. Attend and leave 1st period class 
2. Weed Killer 
3. 2nd Period Class 
4. Balls of Snow -have firecrackers 
5. Miracle on Bullworth Street - then straight to Panty Raid 
6. Sleep - Christmas Present -Nutcrackin' 
7. Character Sheets , Nerd Challenge (Grab Radio Transistor) 
-can both be done before Rudy The Red Nosed Santa (Grab Transistor) 
8. Jelly Johnny - Bait - Wrong Part Of Town - A Little Help 2,3 and 4 - Grab Bike - Tagging 
9. Greasers Challenge 
10. Lolas Race - The Tenements (Grab Radio Transistor) - The Rumble

Chapter 4 - A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body And Other Lies

1. Straight to Cook's Crush and then Stronghold Assault (this mission always ends at 7) (Death Warp) 
2. Discreet Deliveries - The Diary 
3. Funhouse Fun - Sleep 
4. Bike - Paparazzi - Defend The Castle - Nice Outfit 
5. Jock Challenge - Discretion Assured 
6. CHANGE CLOTHES - Cook's Date 
7. Grab Dam Transistor on the way to Comic Klepto 
8. Take the bus, go do Glass House - Take bus again 
9. The Big Game

Chapter 5 - Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Hopkins Age 15

1. Making a Mark - First Class of the day 
2. Rats in the Library - The Gym Is Burning - Second Class of the day 
3. Here's To You Ms. Phillips - Galloway Away 

Collectibles map

Bully SE 100% Checklist

Important Note: 
The completion tally actually goes over 100% (but doesn't show it in the stats menu). Thus, you may find that you only need to complete ~35-40 errands instead of all 50 (depending on if you unlock the running shorts and/or the bike pants). Or you could skip unlocking the running shorts/bike pants (if you aren't going for achievements) and complete all 50 errands (up to you).

Things that Contribute to Completion Percentage:

Complete all main and side missions (79 in total).
Complete all classes (Chemistry, English, Art, Gym, Biology, Music, Shop, Photography, Geography and Maths) to level 5 [unlocks Graduation Hat].
Collect/destroy the following collectibles: 75 rubber bands, 20 G&C Cards, 6 transistors, 25 gnomes, 27 pumpkins and 19 tombstones.
Complete all 50 errands.
Complete all 6 mowing missions (3 Park and 3 House).
Complete the first 3 paper route missions (6/10/14 letterboxes). [The other 2 paper route missions: 19 & 24 letterboxes are optional and don't contribute anything to the competition percentage].
Complete all 14 bike races (7 Bullworth Vale, 4 Bullworth Town, 2 New Coventry and 1 Bullworth Academy).
Complete all 8 Go-Kart Races (5 Carnival and 3 Street Races).
Beat keep-ups and penalty shoots at least once.
Ride all 3 carnival rides: The Ferris Wheel, The Big Squid and Big Canyon Railway.
Beat all 4 carnival events at least once: Strike Out, High Striker, Splish Splash and Shooting Range.
Beat all 4 training boxing side missions [However, beating the boxing random challenger mini-game is optional].
Beat the high score for consumo, nutshots and monkey fling.
Purchase all clothing from: Bullworth Academy (~$154 required), Final Cut (~$820.50 required), Aquaberry (~$1236 required), Worn In (~$752 required); and by winning all clothing items from the carnival prize tent (255 tickets is required) [obtaining all "purchasable clothing" unlocks the Gold Suit].
Obtain the Werewolf and bandit Mask by picking lockers.

The following clothing unlockables need to be unlocked:

Black Ninja Outfit - unlocked by taking all yearbook photos.
Red Ninja Outfit – unlocked by completing the Big Prank.
Green Ninja Outfit – obtaining 1, 000 projectile hits.
Free Soda – Purchasing/drinking 100 sodas.
Soda Cap – Purchasing/drinking 500 sodas.
Running Shorts – Travel a distance of 100kms on foot.
Bike Shorts – Travel a distance of 100kms on a bicycle.
Pirate Hat – beat up the secret pirate.
Fire-fighter Hat – pull 20 fire-alarms.
Dunce Cap – fail any 5 classes.

Things that Don’t Contribute anything to the Completion Percentage:

Purchasing the 2 rock posters and scooter from the Carnival Prize Tent.
Beating Boxing Random Challenger mini-game.
The last 2 paper route jobs (19 & 24 letterboxes).
Spray a tag of each clique (nerd/preppie/greaser/jock).
Prison Outfit – obtained by completing 9 detention tasks.
Beat the future street racer arcade game(s).
Unlocking any achievement that isn’t mentioned above such as: doing 200 wheelies, giving 50 wedgies, kicking 100 soccer balls, and skateboarding 50km (no clothing is unlocked – only an achievement is awarded).

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